Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Be Shot Again Due To Police Brutality Protests


The social unrest of the past several weeks has led to the cancellation of shows such as Cops and Live PD. While NBC has not cancelled any shows like SVU or Brooklyn 9-9, the creators of the shows are doing what they can to reclaim the traits without glorifying police brutality. In the case of Brooklyn 9-9, the writers are fully committed to resuming development in its upcoming eighth season.


According to Nine-Nine star Terry, all the episodes of the season have been thrown into the trash so that the team can begin and discuss the situation accurately, both in the writer’s room and in the air.
“We have had a lot of talks and deep conversations about this, and we hope to do something really amazing this year,” Terry tells Access Hollywood.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “Monster In The Closet” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Andre Braugher as Captain Ray Holt, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock — (Photo by: John P. Fleenor/Fox/Universal Television)

In the same interview, Terry recounted his own experiences with police after the Los Angeles Police Department showed him guns due to a false identification case. “I used to go to the mall or elsewhere. The police officers in L.A. showed me guns. Before I became famous, the thing was, they had the wrong person.”



He says, “It’s something for every black man had faced, and it’s tough to make people understand. I have to say, right here, what’s going on right now is the Me Too movement of black America. We always knew this was happening, but now white people are understanding.”


“From the George Floyd video it literally opened up the world because now you feel it and you have to go through the same trauma that Black America is experiencing,” he concluded.


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