Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Second Episode’s Running Time Leaked

Falcon And Winter Soldier's Banter

When it came to WandaVision, predicting each episode’s timing didn’t work for fans, but it looks like they might get it right with Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Running Time Already Beating WandaVision?

We were promised one-hour episodes many times in WandaVision, but we barely got any episodes that crossed the 50 minutes mark.

But Falcon and the Winter Soldier beat WandaVision and made its first episode run for 47 minutes.

Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 2 from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

But that’s not the only record FATWS broke; it has also become the most-watched trailer in 24 hours and also the most-watched debut episode beating Mandalorian and WandaVision.

Is This News Trustworthy?

Well, if you are a Marvel fan, then this question is something you should be asking. Marvel is notoriously known for keeping things under the wraps. The Mods of the Subreddit Marvel Studio Spoilers verified that the user u/Plenty_Echinda has access to the information. He had also leaked the name of the first episode. I guess we can trust him.

Episode 1 of Falcon and winter soldier title from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Marvel is so good at keeping a secret that they should start an actual spy organization. Anyway, we have seen many ‘confirmed reports’ predicting the run time of WandaVision, but this might be the truth after all.

The second episode of Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs this Friday, and fans are excited to see Bucky and Sam onscreen together finally.

There are many chances that the introduction of New Captain America is what brought them together.

They Meet At last?

We never heard about any other Avengers in the show other than Tony Stark and, well, Steve Rogers. Sam and Bucky didn’t even mention each other.

We were waiting for things to calm down so that Sam could leave Bucky a message, but Nah, they didn’t.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

According to these reports we got, which have given us some trustworthy information before, it says that the second episode will run for 50 minutes, including the credits.

They are also sure that Bucky will finally meet Sam.

Not In The Right State?

We kind of had a clue that Bucky may be free because many don’t know he actually exists, and most of them that knew went out in the snap and came back.

Believe me when I say they have better criminals to hunt down than a 100-year guy who goes crazy when he hears certain words.

Thanks to Wakanda, those words don’t have the same effect on him, and Bucky is trying to make amends.

So, there are chances that Bucky meets Sam, sees him back in action, and decides to jump in as the shrink said it’s too peaceful, and that might be the reason it is driving him crazy.




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