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Celebrating the six: Iron Man’s best moments in the MCU

The Oscar-nominated actor, Robert Downey Jr will be wrapping up his Marvel appearances in Avengers: Endgame. it will be a huge deal. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has pumped up the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade long. That’s the reason why Tony Stark aka Iron Man is considered the prominent face of Marvel.

Tony had shown with plenty of opportunities to prove how a great hero he is. Tony Stark is expected to take a central role in all the Endgame madness.

These are Tony Stark’s best moments — not necessarily his most badass or coolest moments, though there is some overlap.

1 Announcing that Stark Industries would no longer make military weapons.



His transformation after returning to America following his captivity in Afghanistan in the first Iron Man is notable and worthy of praise. He had resolved to make the world a better place by taking his company out of the lucrative military-industrial complex. Tony became a straight-up superhero.

#2 The “barrel of monkeys” rescue



Tony saves the president in Iron Man 3. He had committed Air Force One to ensure the safety of every passenger. He has to rescue Commander-in-Chief while plummeting to Earth. It was confusing for the jury if Tony was controlling the Iron Man suit remotely makes the accomplishment more or less impressive.

#3 Being a good mentor to Spider-Man



Tony assumes a mentor role with Peter aspiring to become an Avenger. He’s been guiding him but also shutting him down when he gets in too deep. He got mad and disappointed at Peter after the Staten Island Ferry incident because he cared. Tony’s gonna be a good dad someday.

#4 Being right in the Civil War



Tony wanted to ensure if everything is good with their team. Otherwise, the Avengers were just a super-powerful group of individuals with no accountability who could do whatever they wanted to do. Tony deserves lots of credit for trying to do the right thing, even if Captain America was making it very, very hard for him.

#5 The Avengers – “Please tell me nobody kissed me.”

Iron Man learns about the launch of a missile by Nick Fury and takes it upon himself to carry the missile through the wormhole. But his suit runs out of power and he slumps back through the wormhole, just as the Black Widow closes it. The Hulk storms in to save him. With his loud roar, Hulk awakens the unconscious Tony, who quips “please tell me nobody kissed me.”

#6 When he says “I am Iron Man”

That iconic line from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in 2008’s Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. If he hadn’t revealed it during Iron Man 1, Marvel would be at a different place right now. The shocker of a press conference was peak Tony Stark — a bold, brave moment that still managed to indulge his ego, but in a productive way.

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