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Chopper Proving He’s Luffy’s Best Crewmate

Here is everything you need to know about the Chopper proving he’s Luffy’s best crewmate.

Chopper Saves Nami From Kumadori

CP9 is the secret assassination branch of the World Government’s Cipher Pol organization. While Kumadori wasn’t the strongest member by any means, he posed a grave threat to the Straw Hats. Armed with Rokushiki and superhuman physical abilities, Kumadori was on the brink of killing Nami prior to Chopper’s intervention.

Kumadori pushed Chopper to his limits, almost defeating him before the doctor swallowed a third Rumble Ball. The Wendigo-esque appearance of Chopper is one of the best shots in One Piece. It solidifies that the Zoan user is more than capable of holding his own against quality opponents.

Chopper Demonstrates His Medical Talents

Chopper’s introduction to One Piece didn’t necessarily give life to his combat prowess. Nami contracted a rare disease from a bug bite while on Little Garden prior to visiting Chopper’s home. It resulted in her dire state upon reaching the snowy territory.

The Straw Hats desperately needed assistance from a medical professional in the near-doctorless country. So Chopper’s ability to help Nami was crucial for the future of the crew. Thankfully, he and his mentor, Kureha, flawlessly demonstrated the result of their studies and hard work.

Chopper Unites A Divided Island

Bartholomew Kuma is an impressively nuanced character. Even as far as One Piece characters go, as demonstrated by his role in the events immediately preceding the timeskip of One Piece. The Warlord of the Sea seemingly decimates the Straw Hat Pirates, sending each of them careening to different islands across the world.

However, later revelations in One Piece reveal that Kuma scattered the crew in order to protect them. Chopper lands in the Torino Kingdom and eventually unites its populace. He settles a long-standing dispute between the humans and giant birds of the kingdom.

Chopper Fights For The Sake Of His HomeChopper Fights For The Sake Of His Home

Chopper’s home, Drum Island, is under the control of the primary antagonist of the arc, Wapol. Using Wapol’s Baku Baku no Mi Fruit, which allows its user to combine any two things that they consume, the ruler of the wintry island conjoined his two strongest soldiers into one being: Chessmarimo.

Chopper had yet to prove his combat ability before fighting Chessmarimo. Given Chopper’s history of being ostracized by the inhabitants of Drum Island, his decision to risk his life and not only oppose but actually defeat. Chessmarimo is made even more impactful.

Chopper Stands Against One Of The Strongest Beast PiratesChopper Stands Against One Of The Strongest Beast Pirates

The Wano Arc raised the stakes of One Piece far past any of their previous heights. Chopper was no exception to this trend. He was briefly pitted in a fight against Queen, the second-in-command of the Beast Pirates.

Queen is the most scientifically advanced member of the Beast Pirates. He was able to weaponize the Ice Oni virus, utilizing it against the liberators of Wano during his fight with Chopper. Thankfully, the doctor rapidly developed antibodies for the virus in the heat of battle and struck back against Queen.

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