Attack On Titan Scout Regiment Members With The Most Kills

Here is everything you need to know about the Attack On Titan Scout Regiment Members with the most kills.

Miche Zacharius: 7 Titans

Section Commander Miche Zacharius is generally believed to be the most powerful fighter in the Scout Regiment, albeit not quite as talented as Captain Levi. His ODM skills and unbelievably sharp olfactory sense have helped him achieve his impressive stats.

The seven Titans he has slaughtered on-screen might pale in comparison to the real number, though, since Zacharius has been in the game for much longer than the others. Sadly, he is himself murdered upon encountering the Beast Titan, who steals Zacharius’ gear and orders nearby Titans to devour him.

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Mikasa Ackerman: 16 Titans & 5 HumansMikasa Ackerman: 16 Titans & 5 Humans

Mikasa Ackerman is no doubt one of the greatest Titan killers of all time. She already eclipses nearly everyone in the Scout Regiment, senior officers included. Her agility and tactical intelligence are only surpassed by her indomitable will.

Mikasa’s sixteen kills are performed most extraordinarily, simultaneously stunning observers and obtaining their adulation. She has been responsible for five human deaths, four of whom are from the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. Attack on Titan ultimately pays homage to her character arc in the manga’s final panel.

The Armored & Colossal Titans: Countless Human DeathsThe Armored & Colossal Titans: Countless Human Deaths

Reiner Braun has killed one Titan as a member of the Scout Regiment, a number vastly magnified in human kills. Like his friend, Bertolt Hoover has killed a single Titan but has most certainly been directly responsible for the deaths of countless people as the Colossal Titan.

Interestingly, Armin Arlert, who obtains the Colossal Titan, hasn’t killed a single Titan. But the deaths of far too many human beings weigh heavily on his conscience. This doesn’t even take into account the accidental Titan deaths caused every time he transforms.

Captain Levi Ackerman: 58+ Titans 12 PeopleCaptain Levi Ackerman: 58+ Titans 12 People

Levi Ackerman’s strength relies on a combination of three factors: his diminutive size, which allows him to move ridiculously fast; his thirst for slaughtering Titans, rivaling that of Eren; and his overwhelming yet intricate style of swordsmanship.

Captain Levi’s record of Titan kills (58+) is yet to be beaten by any human. He has killed more than a dozen people during the story. Thankfully, he never has to waste another moment murdering people after the war’s conclusion.

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Eren Yeager: 23 Titans & Millions Of Humans

Eren Yeager has killed just one Titan in human form. But a massive 23 in total, excluding the vicious murder of the Smiling Titan by exploiting the voice of the Founder. Considering how much he hates the Titans, it’s no surprise that Eren wants to murder them every chance he gets.

More importantly, he begins planning his agenda without consulting anyone from the Scout Regiment. When it comes to people, however, Eren has caused immeasurable death and destruction. Especially after he triggers the global catastrophe known as the Rumbling.

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