Who Did All know About Naruto’s Parents?

Naruto with his parents

This one question has been troubling Naruto fans for decades because we are not given a clear-cut answer on who knew about Minato and Kushina’s relationship with Naruto.

Fourth Hokage – Yellow Flash of Konoha

While Minato was alive, even though it was for a much shorter period, he was a war hero, powerful Hokage, and was about to be a dad.

That was some really good luck he had with him to excel in all the fields, but his luck didn’t last out, and he had to die saving the village and his newborn kid.

To be honest, Naruto should’ve gotten every pampering on Earth. He should’ve been spoiled more than Konohamaru in the beginning.

But none of it happened, and every time we see Naruto’s childhood flashback, we start to cry and think, why are people so cruel to him.

Kushina With Baby Naruto
Kushina With Baby Naruto

Why Didn’t Third Hokage Tell Everyone?

Sarutobi should’ve just told the truth. Yeah, it would’ve shocked the people and would’ve gotten the attention of some unwanted people, but at least Naruto would’ve not suffered this much.

He would’ve had friends, he would’ve not been so lonely, and he would’ve known what it is to be loved and taken care of.

Anyway, both sides have a good point to argue, but since everyone already knew about him being a Jinchuriki, this info wouldn’t have done more damage.

Who all knew about Naruto’s Parents?

We are not clearly told who all knew, but from the beginning, we are given clues that Naruto is a lot like the Fourth Hokage.

Naruto himself finds out about his father when he was about to unleash Kurama in the battle against Pain. But even before that, we are sure Sarutobi knew.

The Jonins and others who were there protecting Kushina that day, the ones that survived the attack, might know about Naruto.

But there are chances they also thought that the child was killed because, in the chaos, it is hard to keep track.

Now comes Tsunade and Jiraiya. They both were the ones that first spoke about Naruto’s father on screen. In the scene where Jiraya is seen walking to his death, we see them have this conversation.

Tsunade might know it because the Third told her, or Jiraya might have told her too. As to how Jiraya knew, well, he is his godfather after all.

Many thought Kakashi knew it from the beginning, but we don’t think that’s true. There are many chances that Kakashi knew about it only by the end of Pain’s battle or knew it a little later but before the battle stuff.

But the rest of Konoha got to know the truth along with the other villagers by the end of the Fourth Shinobi War.

Well, Itachi knew from the start and has mentioned it on several occasions. The Fourth Raikage knew about Naruto’s father too.

So, maybe every other Kage knew too, but we are not told in detail about it. Also, Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha knew about Minato and Naruto.

Sakura and Sasuke find out during the war but a little before the others.







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