Is Combat Agent Six the new Kazuma? Combatants Will Be Dispatched


Combat Agent Six is the protagonist of the new fantasy anime ‘Combatants Will Be Dispatched’. Six is a scar-faced man with black hair and brown eyes. He works for the evil Kisaragi corporation.

The story involves the Kisaragi Corporation which is expanding its operation of World domination to other Earth-like planets. Combat Agent Six is deployed to a new world with the android Alice.

Six holds a lot of similarities to Kazuma from Konosuba! This is not a surprise as both series’ are written by Natsume Akatsuki.

Combat Agent Six, like Kazuma, has a harem that consists of Grimm, Snow, and Rose. Throughout his journey, he encounters more characters increasing the size of his Harem.


Combat agent six is a pervert

One of the features of the Kisaragi Corporation is that it issues ‘Evil Points’ to its agents. The agents can redeem equipment and other items through the points. The points are essential for establishing a base for Kisaragi.

In order to earn these points, the agents must commit evil deeds. However, as Six is a lecherous pervert, he has no issues in earning enough points.

Throughout the story, Six gropes, harasses and peeks at women’s skirts in the new world. Six is obnoxious, very inquisitive, and desires to do lewd things with his bosses.


As a result of this characteristic, he is easily able to earn points. He also uses cowardly tactics to win against opponents similar to Kazuma.

Kazuma and Six are reliable in critical situations and both also bear a sense of conscience at times. They are willing to lend a hand to help those in need.

Six is however, not the new Kazuma. He is instead the proto-Kazuma as we see that Six has bigger influence in the latters design and character.

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