Corbevax: The new solution to the Pandemic?

Corbevax is the latest vaccine.

Corbevax is a new vaccine developed by the Hyderabad based company Biological E.

It is made of the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2.

The spike protein allows the virus to enter the body and and cause the disease. As, a result it allows the body to fight and develop an immunity.

Although it is not a new concept, this will be one of the first vaccines for COVID to be developed under this method.

Previously, Hepatitis B vaccines were developed using this method.


Corbevax development can be traced to the Baylor College of Medicine’s National School of Tropical Medicine. The school had been working on protein vaccines for decades.

Most ingredients used for the vaccine is cheap and easy to find as a result it is one of the cheaper vaccines available right now.

Corbevax is also administered in two doses and it works by attacking only the spike protein of the virus.

This is contrary to other vaccines which work by targeting the entire structure of the virus.

The Government has already paid 1500 crores in advance to block the order of the vaccine.


Reports suggest they did this because India is facing difficulties in enhancing vaccine supply.

Another reason is that India had waited for other vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna etc. until they were confirmed to be clinically safe.

As a result, the supply of these vaccines were other countries who had made risky investments on it.

Dr D V K Raju founded Biological E. in 1953 as a company that pioneered production of heparin in India.

It started producing vaccines in 1962 and is one of the largest producers of the tetanus vaccine.

It has supplied its vaccines to over 100 countries with a billion doses supplied in the last 10 years.



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