Dandadan Chapter 28 Release Date and Spoilers

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It’s almost impossible not to love the slice of life and comedy aspects of Dandadan. The last chapter of this wacky manga packed some real good moments of joy and laughter. In addition to all this, Momo’s first love makes an appearance too.

Dandadan Chapter 28 will answer and unfold a lot when it comes out. But, when will the chapter be available though? And, what can you expect from the next chapter? Scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Dandadan Chapter 28 Release Date:

The next chapter is all set to release on October 11, 2021. Also, there has been no information regarding any breaks or delays. 

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Dandadan Chapter 27 Recap:

The chapter starts with dinner going haywire where Okarun and the kappa alien turn out to be the victims. After the commotion, the kappa alien narrates his story to the trio and grandma.

The world he lives in is a conflict zone and there’s no means of earning money there. On top of that, his son is severely sick, he loses blood when he pees and poops. He’ll die if he doesn’t get daily blood transfusions. And that’s why he decided to help the aliens, for the treatment of his son.

Okarun politely asks what they can do from their side to help him. Then he also goes on to ask that if he gave the kappa alien his wiener, will it be able to save his son? Momo tries to talk him out of the absurd idea but Okarun seems to be adamant about it.

After a short-haul of teasing and discussion, the kappa alien decides to take Momo’s advise i.e. to find proper work. He apologizes to them and is about to leave when grandma stops him and inquires about his blood. Turns out, the alien’s blood is milk.


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But the milk was diluted for human consumption so it wasn’t in its rawest form. No need to worry though as grandma knows a dairy farmer and he’ll ask him to give the kappa alien a cow. Cut to the next scene where a cow is being taken by a UFO and goodbyes are being exchanged.

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Then, the trio pleads with grandma to buy them new uniforms and she agrees but not for Momo. She won’t buy her a uniform unless she does a good Hiroshi Abe impression. Amidst all the laughter, the doorbell rings and Momo goes to open it. And there he is, Jiji – Momo Ayase’s childhood friend and first love.


What can you expect from Dandadan Chapter 28?

Okarun wasn’t the most cheerful when he got to know about Jiji. I think it’s time for more drama and there’ll be some sort of romantic disturbances due to the appearance of Momo’s first love.

momo nad jiji dandadan chapter 28

It’ll be pretty interesting to see how each one of them reacts to the situation at hand.

Where can you read Dandadan?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus



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