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The previous chapter, Kingdom Chapter 694, began on a huge cliffhanger with us not knowing about whether Kochou was gonna die or not. It didn’t take time to show us the gore and the horror of the outcome and it’s safe to say we’re a bit traumatized. 

However, like any other Kingdom chapter, every fan is waiting to find out what happens in the next chapter. If you are interested to know more about Kingdom Chapter 695, you can scroll down further! 

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Kingdom Chapter 695 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Kingdom will get released on the 10th of October 2021. Hopefully, there will be no delays and no such announcements have been given yet, fortunately. 



Kingdom Chapter 694 Recap

Here’s a brief description of what happened in the previous Kingdom chapter:

Kochou stands ready to commit suicide to protect his honour. The Shuma Clan Warriors try to stop him but they’re unable to and Kochou succeeds in finally piercing his own neck. He dies after proclaiming that a General should die with pride instead of humiliation. 

They succeed in killing him but are still skeptical about Kochou’s revelation of Raido being dead. Kanki replies that they’ll find out what is the real outcome later. Then, they start showcasing the head of Kochou to everyone on the battlefield as a way of announcing their victory. 


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Kochou’s men are dejected that their leader has met his demise and are denying it. Morron is forced to take some urgent action after he realizes how wrong he underestimated Kanki’s abilities. The defeated soldiers of Kochou have to make a quick decision between surrendering to Ousen’s army and Kanki’s men. 


If they surrender to Ousen, they’ll be given mercy. While if it’s to the latter, they’ll be tortured and humiliated. After hearing about the state of utter chaos following the defeat of Kochou, even Zhao surrenders. 


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