Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc World Tour Screening Arrives in Mumbai

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Experience Demon Slayer Like never before in Mumbai, India

Plan for an earth-shattering occasion as the Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc World Visit Screening lands in Mumbai on April 20! This unprecedented screening of the significant episode of the Hashira Training Arc and the last episode of the Swordsmith Town Arc is going to be an astonishing encounter for devotees of the popular anime series.

Hashira Training Arc World Visit Screening

Mumbai is set to be the focal point of the Demon Slayer furor when the Hashira Training Arc World Visit Screening makes a remarkably expected stop there. Fans should bring themselves into the world of this anime like at no other time, seeing the absurd activity and partnering with the depiction of this popular anime series on the big screen.

Natsuki Hanae, a voice entertainer, and Yūma Takahashi, a maker, will go to the Mumbai screening. Fans will have the possible chance to meet and welcome these remarkable people, getting extraordinarily close to the makers of Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc. It’s an entrance no verification this anime fan ought to miss!

Early Achievement: Takes Indian Settings by Tornado


The openness around Demon Slayer in India isn’t new, as the anime series has demonstrated to be a colossal hit with swarms. Since its movement in Indian scenes on February 23, Demon Slayer has gotten tremendous support and achievement, changing into the most brought netting abroad film in the country for 2024. This anime keeps on drawing in fans worldwide given its astounding turn of events and beguiling record.

The anime’s trip to India started in March 2023, when the anime showed up in execution put the nation over. From that point forward, the series has made in predominance, with fans rigidly expecting each new movement. From the presentation of the Swordsmith Town Arc to the persistent victory of the Hashira Training Arc, Demon Slayer extraordinarily influences Indian fans, establishing its place as a social peculiarity.

Future in India

With the presence of the Hashira Training Arc anime-made arrangements for spring 2024, the fervor encompassing Demon Slayer offers no hints of subsiding. As fans unstably expect the going with part in Tanjiro’s story, the Mumbai screening gives a thrilling look at what’s to come. Whether you’re a getting-through fan or a fledgling to the series, Demon Slayer guarantees a critical encounter for any person who ponders looking at its enchanting universe.

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