Disney+: Everything We Know About Loki


The God of Mischief and what to expect

It is no secret that a miniseries with fan-favorite Loki, the God Of mischief, is in the works and will be premiering on the streaming platform Disney+. Tom Hiddleston, who plays the role of Loki, has so far reprised the role in six Marvel movie installments.



Loki has often been portrayed as a villain in almost all movies. The first Avengers movie happened because of him. Loki, though an untrustworthy ally to his brother(adopted) Thor, the God of thunder, has his own stories to tell.

Despite being a villainous character, he is loved by many, and fans around the world are very eager for the miniseries. Perhaps in here, we could see Loki in a different light, one that would explore his feelings and the reasons behind his actions. It was hinted that Loki was not inherently evil but was mind-controlled by the Titan, Thanos, in Avengers.

TV show


The show is planned to be an eight-episode mini-series. But one could always hope if, in the future, the show does well, there is a possibility of multiple seasons. The show exactly does not have a release date as of now, but it is hoped to premiere around spring 2021. Production of the show began in January 2020, but it is currently in hiatus because of the pandemic.



Michael Waldron is the director f the show, and some of his other works are Community and Rick and Morty, so there will be humor in the show. Owen Wilson joined the cast in January 2020, possibly be playing the head of TVA(Time Variance Authority) and British actress Sophia Di Martino rumors, to play the role of female Loki.

The story

Loki’s death in the Infinity War left a big question of why the show will focus on, but the answer is in the next movie. In Endgame, during the time travel sequence, we see the 2011 version of Loki whole appears in Avenger, the first movie escaping with the tesseract, and the official synopsis of the show says that ” (Loki) pops out through human history as an unlikely influencer on historical events.”

Photos from the shoot and reports suggest that Loki is in the captivity of TVA or the Time Variance Authority, which is a kind of time travel police, because of his crimes on various time scales. While some things haven’t been confirmed yet, it is suggested that the show will directly lead to the story of Thor: Love and Thunder. Disney released only a short preview for the series to the fans during Superbowl 2020

Only when we get to see a complete trailer will we get to know more details about the Loki TV series.

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