Ultron May Return in WandaVision


 Tony Stark Jr and Scarlet Witches’ mentor, Ultron, will be back for good in Wandavision.

Ultron in the Comics vs MCU

Ultron, unlike in the comics, seemed to face his extinction in the Avengers sequel. But that is not how Ultron works in the comics.

Now the movie version saw a powerful Ultron, who had the brains and everything to build Vision, his brainchild. And also saw Ultron as merely as powerful as Vision. But that’s not the case in the comics. In the comics, Ultron always found some way to come back and never faced his extinction no matter what happened. Also, Ultron in the comics comes up in the ranks of Thanos and Kang the conqueror.

Wanda Brings Vision and Ultron


Since he met his doom in the MCU, it is said that Wanda will be an integral part of bringing him back. Ultron, who is one of the smartest AI in the MCU, is definitely not dumb enough to not have a backup plan. Even though the MCU did not hint or speak about Ultron in the other movies as they had bigger fishes to fry, we are sure there was something Ultron did to make sure he finds his way back.

Scarlet Witch and her grasp of Reality

But everything about that includes Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff. Some fans say that Ultron had created some kind of failsafe in Vision‘s head that will suddenly function and will make Vision himself build a new Ultron. Some others speculate that Wanda, who has now lost the grasp of reality after Vision‘s death, is seen living in fake, fabricated realities. While bringing Vision back to those realities, it is said that Wanda might bring Vision back too.

Father and Son

Vision, being Ultron‘s brainchild and being half Thor and Ultron, somehow connects him to Ultron in an AI level. Now when Wanda brings back Vision, there are higher probabilities that Ultron is also brought back.

That much smartness and all to do evil?!

Many comic book fans suggest that Ultron is not even as half as scary and powerful in the MCU as he was in the comics. So, maybe the bringing back of Ultron will restore him to his former glory, and we will finally get to see Ultron with Tony‘s sarcasm and brain and the evilness that can be cultivated with the smartness of Tony.

Morgan has an elder brother

Agree it or not, Morgan H Stark has an elder brother, and it is Ultron. So, he definitely, inherited his father’s smartness, which we already saw in the Age of Ultron. Now think, Tony was one of the smartest guys in MCU. And his smartness was put to good use until now, and now that he is gone, Ultron gets to be one of the smartest but with the brain to use it just for evil.

Now with half of the Avengers scattered or dead and one powerful one losing her mind, who do you think will stop Ultron?



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