Do Russ and Drea get together in ‘Do Revenge’?


‘Do Revenge’ directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is about how Drea seeks revenge when her ex-boyfriend leaks a video of her. Will she find love again after the heartbreaking situation she goes through?

Drea is obviously heartbroken after her ex-boyfriend, whom she was very much in love with leaked a video of her. When she confronts him and he refuses to have done so, she throws a punch at him. Max gets furious about this and complains to the headmaster. 

The headmaster has no choice but to put Drea on behavioral probation and sign her up for community service. 


Brenda decided to help her school’s farm as a part of the community service so that she can get closer to Carissa for her revenge plan. At the farm, Russ helps her with her work and explains to her what to do. Later they run into each other at the beach and they even flirt with each other.

Later when Russ sees Drea crying he asks her if she’s okay. He tells her that he was planning on ditching school and asked her if she wanted to join. They go to Russ’s warehouse and play with the paintballs and they kiss.

They both start seeing each other often and start dating. But when Russ finds out that she was the one who got Carissa expelled, he breaks up with her. 


At the end of the movie, Drea tells the Headmaster that she added mushrooms to the food. She also apologizes to Russ and he forgives her in the end, and they finally get together. 

If you’re wondering if Drea got into Yale? Here’s an article.

If you haven’t watched Do Revenge, it is about how  Popular Drea wants revenge on her boyfriend for publishing her sex tape, and exchange student Eleanor is haunted by a rumor. The two teenagers team up to take action against their tormentors. You can now watch it on Netflix.

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