WHICH Character To Return With Major Role In Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman In Sherlock Season 5?

There are a few series we want to return with the new Season. The BBC’s Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, is a classic example of this. In the show, we see Benedict playing the titular role, while Freeman plays his partner in solving the crime, Dr John Watson.

The fourth season and the latest of this popular crime and detective series aired in 2017.

It received mixed reviews, but fans desperately want the 5th Season. Benedict Cumberbatch needs to step into Sherlock Holmes and wear the hat and get ready with Dr Watson to be back in action. The makers have not confirmed whether there would be a new season yet. But rumours have been going on for some time now.

This latest news for the BBC series will intrigue all fans. As Devidiscourse reports, makers can bring back The Walking Dead actress Eleanor Matsuura’s character, Detective Inspector Stella Hopkins. We saw Eleanor as Stella in the small but interesting role of Sherlock Season 4’s first episode, ‘The Six Thatchers‘. She visits Baker Street to talk to Watson and Holmes. The report also mentions that if there is a Season 5, there is more to her character.


Meanwhile, last year, when Martin Freeman was asked about the possibility of season 5, he gave an honest answer. The Fargo actor said there were discussions. But Benedict Cumberbatch and the writers with him still have many projects on their hands. So, they don’t want to make a new season and risk the show’s legacy.

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