Does Eleanor Forgive Drea In ‘Do Revenge’?


Netflix’s newly released dark teen comedy is surely hilarious. But it has a plot twist no one could ever think about.

At the start of the movie, we see Drea and Eleanor become best friends. They both empathize with each other and help each other “Do Revenge”. Eleanor tells her how when she was thirteen she went camping and she came out to a girl, but the girl falsely accused her of trying to kiss her, which ruined Eleanor’s life.

They both decide to take revenge for each other. While Drea accused Carissa the girl, from the camp, of drugging the entire school and growing mushrooms on the school farm. Eleanor tries to take revenge for Drea by trying to leak Max’s texts.


Later Drea feels that Eleanor is betraying her by not actually trying to get Max’s text. She goes to Carissa to tell her that it was Eleanor who framed her for drugging the school, but she finds out that the girl from camp Eleanor told her about was actually her. Drea was the one who accused her at the camp. But she did not remember any of it. She later realizes that she was wrong. 

Drea also realizes that Eleanor was not helping her this whole time but instead trying to ruin her life.

Later at the Admissions Party, they understand that they were both wrong and they enjoyed each other’s company. They both forgive each other and bring Max down together. At the end of the movie, they both skip their graduation and become best friends.

If you’re wondering if Russ and Drea get together? Here’s an article.


If you haven’t watched Do Revenge, it’s about how Popular Drea wants revenge on her boyfriend for publishing her sex tape, and exchange student Eleanor is haunted by a rumor. The two teenagers team up to take action against their tormentors. You can now watch it on Netflix.

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