Does Emma Stone’s Pregnancy Affect Her Cameo in Spider-Man 3?

spider man 3 gwen stacy emma stone

Before we start to speculate on what shall happen to Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy now that she is pregnant, let’s keep in mind that still there is no proper official statement that the third Spider-Man movie is a Spider-verse movie.

Sony and Marvel have work to do

Yes, we want nothing more than that, but we still can’t make the final decision on behalf of Sony and Marvel, so we would have to just hope it happens and wait. Even if what fans have speculated is true, there are still chances that Emma Stone’s pregnancy can be tackled in case of a possible cameo.

Before we go off suggesting different ways her bump can be edited in Spider-Man 3, we should know that there are plenty of chances that Emma Stone might not return in Spider-Man 3 even if it is a Spider-Verse movie.

Gwen Stacy might not make an appearance.


Why? Well, her tombstone might be in the way. I mean people, sometimes there should be at least some method to our madness. We all know she died in Amazing Spiderman 2, so there are chances that she stays dead.

According to the comics and every Spider-Man source material, we know MJ is Spidey’s true love, so anyone else would have a bad fate even if introduced. In the comics, Gwen dies, so Sam Ramini’s version made sure to avoid more deaths of Spidey’s dear ones and avoided bringing in the character.


Now, the matter at hand, even if Gwen Stacy was supposed to come as a flashback on Peter Parker’s mind, there are chances that it can happen with every technology there is. Remember, Scarlett Johannsson filmed an entire movie while she was pregnant, and she did so by wearing a latex suit.

Emma Stone should be interested first. Because as we already know, the Hollywood starlet has dropped from Babylon, which is said to be a big deal. So, if Emma chooses to remain home and take care of her health or if the writers of Spider-Man 3 don’t want her coming back then, there are chances that we won’t see her.

Health Risks


We should also keep in mind the risks she would be taking if she decides to do the cameo or whatever the writers had planned. Even if she shoots at the earlier stage itself, she still will be risking her health and her unborn baby’s health. If she does the shoot later, that is, after the baby is born, it’s still the same.

Spider-Verse or not, there are chances that Emma Stone might not be in the movie; no matter what we think, it’s still up to marvel to give the final call!



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