Dr Stone Chapter 207 Release Date, Leaks, and Spoilers

Dr Stone Chapter 203

The previous chapter of Dr. Stone explored the beauty of computers despite its seemingly complicated nature. The chapter ended with everyone, including the girls realizing that everyone can do science, given that they put their efforts into it.

Every fan of Dr. Stone was left astonished by the developments in the manga and is surely hungry for Dr Stone Chapter 207 to release. To know more about the upcoming chapter, read further!

Dr Stone Chapter 207 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 207 will be getting released on the 22nd of August 2021, alongside My Hero Academia Chapter 303. Fortunately, no delays have been announced. However, the manga will take a weekly break of a 2-week duration.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Recap

The title of Chapter 206 was called, “Dawn of the Computers”. This chapter revealed a lot of thrilling trivia that was explored from a fresh perspective. Here’s a recap of all the events that transpired in the previous chapter:

  • Ryusui happily admits that he’s the one who’s been desiring to have a computer. 
  • Sai shares his thoughts and bewilderment over how they’ll be able to build a computer at this age. This fact brings attention back to the fact that they’re living in a world that’s been frozen after worldwide petrification for millennia.

Dr Stone

  • Senku arrives with an explanation of how computers work. He says that computers work on an on-off basis, essentially meaning that the world of computers is a binary of either all ones or zeroes.
  • All they have to work on is try to produce this world of ones and zeroes to build a computer. Senku outlines the road ahead to build a computer, leaving Gen impressed with Senku’s intelligence.
  • Later, we learn that boys and girls are relegated to different tasks. Girls carry the red flags that represent solutions while boys carry the white flags representing numbers.
  • This relegation of tasks is highly appreciated by Suika and the findings are tracked and recorded systematically. This entire process is a crucial process of computing but Sai finds it to be inefficient and cumbersome.

Dr Stone

  • Senku manages to convince everybody and solve all their doubts. That’s why everyone is happy and believes their venture will be successful.
  • The girls start believing that everyone can take up science, Sai starts working on building a supercomputer, and Senku makes the suggestion that 2000000 revivals will be possible.

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Dr Stone Chapter 207 Spoilers

There are no spoilers yet for the upcoming chapter. However, fret not for the raw scans will be released soon and we’ll get a good idea of what’ll happen next. However, if you want to know the speculations for what’ll happen, read the recap properly and you’ll get a good idea.

Where To Read Dr. Stone 

You can catch the latest Dr. Stone chapters on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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