One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date, Preview, and Leaks

One Punch Man Chapter 167

One Punch Man has made a lasting impression in the world of anime/manga with its quirky and funny superhero. For the superhero of One Punch Man, life and fights have become too boring because he has achieved the unthinkable: defeating all his opponents with a single punch.

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The upcoming chapter looks very promising as the tussle between the Heroes and the Monster Association has only begun. The battle will keep on getting more interesting and thrilling as we might get to see new characters and cool abilities!

If you want to know more about One Punch Man Chapter 151, read further!

One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released by at least the second week of August 2021. The exact date and release time remain ambiguous, so we’ll have to wait for more updates.

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One Punch Man Chapter 151

One Punch Man Chapter 150 Recap

  1. The Monster Associaton is on a rampage as their minions are out destructing innocent citizens and threatening their livelihoods.
  2. Heroes are on a war with these minions of the Monster Association.
  3. Ugly Fuhrer is trying to mediate between Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor as the latter two stubbornly swear to end each other’s lives.
  4. There are passionate efforts by the heroes to save the citizens by annihilating all the monsters sent by the Monster Association.
  5. The Heroes have been successful in their mission to rescue all the hostages kept by the Monster Association
  6. Sadly, we saw some characters like Zombieman and Sweet Mask getting attacked and injured. Currently, no one knows where they are. Hopefully, they’ll be safe.

    One Punch Man Chapter 151: Monster Association
    Monster Association
  7. The Monster Association has suffered a lot of defeats but they still have the upper hand against the Heroes.
  8. Another Hero King returns to the whole fiasco and sees Genos injured after a brutal battle but will merely King’s presence tilt the battle in favour of our Heroes?
  9. After all, Tatsumaki is also knocked out and can’t fight while Black Sperm has surrounded them, meaning that escape is close to impossible.

One Punch Man Chapter 151 Leaks and Spoilers

While leaks and spoilers aren’t out yet, we can make some predictions about the possible trajectories of One Punch Man Chapter 151.
1. King and Black Sperm might have a huge fight. The dynamic will be interesting to watch.

2. Will the Heroes win against the Monster Association?

3. Saitama’s absence has been long enough. Will he enter the battle and help the Heroes win against the Monster Association?

Where To Read One Punch Man

Viz Media is a perfectly legal site that’s great for reading the latest One Punch Man chapters.

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