Dr Stone Chapter 227 (Moon Landing) Release Date and Recap

Dr-Stone Chapter 227

Here’s everything you need to know about Dr Stone Chapter 227.

About The Manga

Senku Ishigami, an adolescent scientific genius, intends to reconstruct society after humanity was suddenly petrified for 3,700 years in this storey. Dr. Stone was awarded the 64th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shnen category in 2019. It’s also been praised for its scientific accuracy. The anime will return in 2023 for a third season.

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Dr Stone Chapter 226 Recap

Dr Stone Chapter 227
Dr Stone Chapter 226

The crew gets replacements for the broken circuit board with the fresh one Ryusui provided. Ryusui had been preparing for space and despite the dangers  posed by his greater weight and resource utilisation, he joined in for the ride.

The team is petrified again again as they prepare for the three-day trek to the moon. Kohaku is the last to be depetrified when they reach, and she delights at seeing the moon’s beauty.

The onboard explorers then use sextants to maneuver around the back of the moon, whichsince it prevents radio signals taht come from Earth. Senku and kohaku explain that the back is rockier than the front because t acts like the earth’s protector and stops  all the meteorites from reaching Earth.

Ryusui believes that he should be remaining in the command module whereas the remaining three, particularly Senku, who is representing the earth’s scientists, walk on the moon.

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Dr Stone Chapter 227 Spoilers

We often get spoilers from the raw scans that will be released on the 27th or 28th of January 2022. In the absence of this, we can only speculate. When they are released, we will update it here. Do keep your notifications on.

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Dr Stone Chapter 227 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 227 is scheduled to get released on January 30, 2022. Unlike MHA, the manga will have no delays. Every new chapter of Dr Stone gets released on a weekly basis.

Where To Read

You can read the latest licensed chapters of Dr Stone on Viz Media and MangaPlus legally.

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