My Hero Academia Chapter 328 Release Date, Leaks, and Spoilers

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My Hero Academia Chapter 328 will be released soon, something which the fans will be excited about. Chapter 327 revealed the Class 1-A boys having fun while taking a bath together. The chapter was lighthearted and much-needed after all the tense action and emotional drama. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 328 Release Date

The next chapter is getting released on October 3, 2021, with no delays. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Recap

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter:

  • The Class 1-A boys strip Izuku down and forcefully bathe and scrub him properly, after which they jump into the bathhouse. All of them have fun without any worries. 
  • Katsuki and Deku are reminded of their long-standing rivalry despite Katsuki’s genuine apology. Katsuki’s goal of becoming the best, the No. 1 is still in place, meaning Izuku and everyone else his rival. 
  • Later, they head back to their respective dorms, where we see Izuku apologize for causing trouble. He asks some uncertain questions about One For All. 
  • Before he sleeps, he first wants to apologize to All Might for his rude behaviour. Abruptly, All Might arrives at the scene and starts asking Izuku for an apology while Izuku vehemently disagrees. 

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  • All Might offers to give them help during the decisive battle though he’s Quirkless. In a heartwarming scene, everyone makes a resolve to keep fighting for what they love, to make the world a better place than the previous. 
  • Meanwhile, something sinister is going on. Shigaraki will completely heal in about two months while All For One is searching for ways to acquire One For All

My Hero Academia Chapter 328 Spoilers

Unfortunately, the spoilers aren’t out yet and we’ll have to wait for the raw scans to be out soon. The raw scans will get released around 2 days before the official release date. 

Where To Read MHA

You can read it from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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