Eleceed Chapter 174 (Kayden VS Julien) Release Date and Spoilers


The plot of Eleceed is getting more and more interesting as we see the build-up to the duel that Julien has challenged Kayden’s student to. This move may be what kills him as Kayden seems very unhappy with that decision. 

However, Julien looks pretty pumped up for the battle while Kayden’s student is worried about whether he’ll be strong enough to take him on in battle.

Here’s everything you would want to know about Eleceed Chapter 174.

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About The Manhwa

Jiwoo is a young guy with a kind heart. He covertly uses a cat’s lightning-fast reflexes to make the world a better place by saving a tiny child or foster pet at a time. Meanwhile, Kayden is a fugitive secret agent who is trapped in the body of an obese elderly fluffy cat.

Eleceed Kaydan Break

Eleceed Chapter 173 Recap

Julien Challenges Kayden’s Student

The old man scolds Julien for attempting to defeat Kayden in a duel by first challenging Kayden’s naive student. While Julien apologises for his actions, he’s reminded that he’s still not strong enough that Kayden would consider him worth fighting. 

The old man tells him that he too, like Kayden never accepted any challenges to fight. He informs Julien the reason why the Top 10 Awakeners don’t fight with each other. They have mutual respect for each other and no matter what the outcome of the battle is, everyone is doomed to be a loser.

Eleceed Chapter 174: Julien VS Jiwoo
Julien VS Jiwoo

When they’re weakened after the battle, it gives the other Top 10 Awakeners to come attack them. Julien is shocked because it sounds like Kayden is as strong as the Top 10.

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Eleceed Chapter 174 Spoilers

As of now, we haven’t received any raw scans because of which we have no spoilers available. 

Eleceed Chapter 174 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 174 will be released on December 29, 2021. Lucky for you, webtoons and Manhwas are not taking a break, unlike the manga from Weekly Shonen Jump.

Where To Read

You can read all the latest chapters of Eleceed on Webtoon. On your phone, you can even read it from the Webtoon app.

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