Eternals Is Going To Rock The Screens On November 5 Based On Critics’ Reactions

Chloé Zhao’s upcoming Eternals is the next film on the MCU’s slate, and if the trailers are any indication, fans are in for an epic journey. After all, when the plot centers around a group of god-like beings that have been on Earth for 7,000 years, it’s hard for it not to be a story for the ages.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the film is the incredibly diverse team of heroes that Eternals introduces to the Marvel world. From the likes of Salma Hayek to Angelina Jolie, and Kumail Nanjiani, the cast alone makes the movie worth seeing.

The blue (yes, not red) carpet premiere just went down in Los Angeles, with the entire cast gathering for the occasion. Even from the photos alone, the excitement is palpable.

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With it being the world debut of the film, the first handful of people have now seen Eternals in all its glory from start to finish. So what did they think?

Ahead of the November 5 release of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, critics have shared their first spoiler-free reactions to Chloé Zhao’s upcoming epic.

Eternals, Was it a Hit?

Based on critics’ reactions, it would seem Marvel once again has a hit on their hands. The majority of what critics are saying is overwhelmingly positive. Only one or two of the reactions above are negative—though, a few do note that the movie has some flaws, despite how positive many other aspects of the film are.

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The biggest common ground between them all is it seems the film excels at developing these new characters and the relationships that they have with each other. While character work has always been an important aspect of MCU films, it’s hard to deny that sometimes those elements take a backseat to the bombastic action sequences fans know and love.

Eternals’ diverse cast

When it comes to the more negative side of things, some of the reactions call out the fact that the pacing is off, and how the story is convoluted and packed to the brim. Even the more positive reactions allude to a crowded story, even if they don’t outright say as much.

Fans will have to see Eternals for themselves when the movie hits theaters on November 5.

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