Eternals: Where did Ikaris go?

Eternals Ikarus
  1. “Eternals” is one of the most ambitious Marvel Studios films to date. It’s an origin story for almost a dozen characters in some capacity, and it introduces a metric ton of new intergalactic lore to the MCU. It seldom interacts with any existing storylines, meaning all of this is brand new in-universe information. With that many characters and that many moving parts being part of a story that’s thousands of years long, it’s no surprise that certain things don’t get clear resolutions.

Phase 4 is about introducing new characters and setting up new storylines, so unanswered questions are sometimes a feature just as much as a bug. Some of these are clearly going to be answered in upcoming installments of the MCU.

Others are just head-scratching plot points that may never be brought up again. Either way, we’ve compiled some of the biggest unanswered questions we have after seeing “Eternals.”

Eternals Ikarus
Ikarus in Comics

This is your last warning: heavy spoilers for “Eternals” follow.

Ikarus is among the most thoroughly developed members of the Eternals, and in the ensemble, he’s arguably one of the two or three main characters. Partly because of this, his future is pregnant with more possibilities than anyone else on the team.

Originally hellbent on releasing the latent Celestial from earth’s crust, his love of Sersi wins out and he reneges on his mission. When we last see him, he’s flying far away from Earth, into a star.

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The obvious question is: what next? We didn’t see him when Arishem came back to Earth, and we didn’t see him on the ship in the post-credits scene. He’s almost certainly still out there, but where?

The two most likely possibilities are that he informed Arishem himself of what happened, likely seeking some kind of atonement, or that he went into hiding from Arishem entirely. Either way, we’ll almost certainly see him again and find out what happens next.

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