Fairy Tail: Relationship between Gajeel and Levy

Gajeel and Levy are the two characters from the Fairy Tail franchise who develop an undying bond. The pair is commonly known as Gajevy or GaLe. Authored by Hiro Mashima, the story is set in a fictional realm called the Earth Land, where an extensive number of creatures reside.

Here’s everything we know about the fabulous couple : 

Fairy Tail: About Gajeel and Levy

GAJEEL is originally a member of the Phantom Lord Guild, an outright opponent of the Fairy Tail guild. He is a Dragonslayer from four hundred years past but was sent to the future to help in the annihilation of Acnologia.

Gajeel has a knack for combat and grabs any opportunity to fight an opponent with superior powers. Though he seems cold and insensible, he is wholly dedicated to his team. 

Since he initially belongs to the Phantom Lord Guild, the Fairy Tail guild members treat him indifferently at the beginning. However, after seeing his genuine sacrifices and actions of loyalty, they become lifelong friends.

LEVY, also from the Fairy Tail guild, gets along with many guild members due to her bubbly personality. She is also very forgiving to Gajeel, though he tortured her and her comrades during the Phantom Lord arc.

She is well known for her love for reading. She is also the leader of Shadow Gear, and one of the more mature members who do most of the work in the guild.

Relationship between Levy and Gajeel

The members of Fairy Tail were not accepting of Gajeel becoming a member of their guild. But it was Levy who did not hold a grudge against him even though they had a bad history. 

When Laxus attacks Levy with his lightning power, Gajeel took the blow for her. This is the first of many times Gajeel protects her. This is also the start of Levy’s feelings for him. Though their true origin of romance starts on Tenrou Island.

The pair continue to trust and support each other in their journey and battle. Their friendship bond slowly blossoms into romantic feelings. In the final season, Gajeel confesses his love for her and that he had gone so far as to even imagine a family. 

The series ends with a happily ever after for Gajeel and Levy. Their love is heavily adored by fans that the creator of Fairy Tail has decided to design a spin-off manga of their relationship. 


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