Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers

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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Spy X Family Episode 7.

About Spy X Family Anime

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family is a Japanese manga series that he wrote and illustrated. The narrative centers around a spy who is compelled to “build a family” in order to perform a duty, not realizing that both the girl he adopts as a daughter and the lady he agrees to be in a sham marriage with are mind readers and assassins.

In December 2019, Brutus magazine included the series on their “Most Dangerous Manga” list, which covers works with the most thought-provoking themes.

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Recap of Spy X Family Episode 6

  • Anya has managed to get into Eden Academy and even gets her uniform stitched for her first day of school. But getting closer to Desmond won’t be easy as only students good in academics and extracurricular activities can meet him.
  • Since Anya doesn’t stand much chance in performing well academically and in other activities, Loid comes up with a second plan that ensures Anya gets placed in the same class as Damian, Donovan’s son.
  • Loid wants Anya to befriend Damian so that she can go on play dates at his house and the secret spy can then get close to Donovan. But Anya is wary of Damian and her anxieties prove true because Damian and his minions start bullying her. the daughter of CEO Blackbell, a major military company
  • But, Anya remembers her mother’s lesson and she manages to remain calm and ignore them with a smile. This freaks her bullies, and impresses Becky, the daughter of CEO Blackbell, a major military company.

Spy X Family Episode 6

  • Anya eventually punches Damian and later shows great composure and lies that she ended up hurting her classmate because he stepped on Becky’s shoes, and she got a bit overemotional.
  • Henry, their teacher, believes her as he feels that Anya’s actions were at least elegant and honorable. But she is still given one Tonitos (penalty). Henry says that normally she should be getting three, but he brought it down to one only.
  • Loid is worried as it is only Anya’s first day at Eden Academy and he knows that students get thrown out for getting eight Tonitos.

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Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 7 is set to be released on Saturday, May 21st, 2022. Every new episode of Spy X Family gets released on a Saturday after a gap of around 7 days.

Spy X Family Episode 7 Preview and Spoilers

  • Episode 7’s preview shows Anya kickstarting her school life in full as she tries to make up for her fight with Damian Desmond.
  • The upcoming episode is titled, “The Target’s Second Son”
  • As the title implies, the episode will be focusing on Damien. After the bad impression Anya made last episode, will she manage to get close to Damien so that she can help her new dad?

Where to Watch Spy X Family Online?

Netflix announced that the Spy x Family anime would be available in some Asian regions, whereas Muse Asia will be streaming it on Southeast and South Asia. Fans from countries outside these regions may subscribe to Crunchyroll for $9.99 per month.

Spy x Family fans will be happy to know that they will get access to the site’s manga and anime collections, as well as ad-free shows and offline streaming.

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