Fastest Anime Swordswomen

The anime medium has always maintained a close relationship with swordsmanship. Likely due in large part to the historical importance of samurai in Japanese culture. Here is everything you need to know about the fastest anime swordswomen.

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Mikasa Ackerman: Attack On TitanMikasa Ackerman: Attack On Titan

To successfully defend themselves against Attack on Titan’s titular monsters, the inhabitants of Eldia must demonstrate courage, intelligence, and proficiency with their ODM gear. Their most promising young soldier, Mikasa Ackerman, is a natural when it comes to using this technology. Which allows her to fly around the battlefield at breakneck speeds.

In addition to her skills with ODM gear, Mikasa also benefits from enhanced genetics that is a result of her Ackerman lineage. This provides an even greater boost to her physical abilities, resulting in a super soldier that is capable of rapidly taking out opposing Titans.

Akame: Akame Ga Kill!Akame: Akame Ga Kill!

When Akame ga Kill! begins, its main character, Tatsumi, embarks on a quest to bring aid to his impoverished hometown. Along the way, he meets the Night Raid — a covert group of assassins attempting to overthrow the realm’s corrupt Prime Minister. Among these assassins is the show’s titular heroine, Akame.

Akame was trained to be an assassin for the Empire from a young age. Providing her with superhuman strength, speed, and combat abilities that far exceeded the vast majority of her peers.

Rukia Kuchiki: BleachRukia Kuchiki: Bleach

Any Soul Reaper needs significant speed and agility to combat Hollows. But in particular, the lieutenants and captains of Bleach’s Thirteen Court Guard Companies must embody these traits. Luckily for the Thirteenth Division’s lieutenant, Rukia Kuchiki, she is more than fast enough to take down some of the most dangerous Hollows in the history of the Soul Society.

After Bleach’s main character, Ichigo Kurosaki accidentally absorbs Rukia’s powers. She helps the show’s protagonist learn how to combat the Soul Society’s monstrous creatures. Eventually, she regains her powers and quickly demonstrates that her ice-based Zanpakuto is capable of attacks too fast for the naked eye to see.

Saber: Fate/ZeroSaber: Fate/Zero

The Fate franchise is often praised for its action sequences. So immensely powerful characters like its strongest heroine, Saber, have plenty of chances to prove their worth in combat. Born with the magical power of a dragon, Saber was known as Artoria Pendragon.

Artoria is reborn several times throughout the Fate franchise. When she is at her strongest, she wields her legendary sword, Excalibur, with frightening speed. The series’ beautiful animation perfectly captures her abilities, which allow her to perform feats like running up walls and dashing across large bodies of water.

Tashigi: One PieceTashigi: One Piece

One Piece’s Marines are full of skilled combatants. But when it comes to female representation, the World Government’s military branch is slightly lacking. Thankfully, skilled fighters like the swordswoman Tashigi help bolster the group’s feminine presence.

When Tashigi first appears on-screen, she serves as an Officer for the Marines. However, during the time skip, she is promoted to the rank of Captain. Considering her defeat of Monet, Tashigi’s speed is on-par with many of the New World’s strongest pirates.

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