Five Best BL Anime For New Fans

The boys’ love — “BL” or “Yaoi” — has a problematic history. While the representation of LGBTQ+ romances is invaluable. BL has propagated various toxic tropes over the decades. Given this, much of the criticism BL — specifically Yaoi — receives is warranted. Here are the five best BL anime for new fans.

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Sasaki And MiyanoSasaki and Miyano

Miyano and Sasaki’s first meeting develops into an awkward but sweet first love worthy of a shojo series. After a bullying incident, they start to see each other more often at school. Miyano, a closeted BL manga enthusiast, accidentally reveals his secret to Sasaki.

But instead of repulsion toward his underclassman, he quickly becomes hooked. Now with a shared interest, the two begin to hang out more frequently, and their relationship deepens. Miyano finds himself enticed by Sasaki’s straightforwardness and sudden interest in him.


Classmates’ central premise isn’t incredibly unique, but that’s precisely the point. A reserved, introverted honor student, Rihito Sajou, meets Hikaru Kusakabe, an outgoing student who struggles with his studies. Both are attending a chorus class, and Hikaru decides to help Rihito with his vocals.

So begins an endearing and pure tale of first love between two teenage boys. The movie is a thoughtful, subtle piece, and the art is beautiful in its simplicity. On the whole, Classmates is a charming, affecting story.

My Very Own HeroMy Very Own Hero

My Very Own Hero depicts the relationships between two different couples. First, Masahiro Setagawa is an uninspired teenager on his way to becoming a criminal. And Kousuke Ooshiba, a street fighter and high school teacher who wants better for Masahiro.

My Very Own Hero develops the romance between each pair. While also considering their relations with each other, such as Kousuke and Kensuke’s brotherly love or Kensuke and Masahiro’s friendship. All characters are highly lovable, so BL anime fans will love it.


Given was the first BL anime to air in a primetime slot on Japanese television. The series’ final episode is genuinely cathartic and perfectly captures how loss can forever alter one’s world. Mafuyu Sato is approached by his classmate, Ritsuka Uenoyama, who helps him tune and play his guitar.

In truth, the guitar belonged to Mafuyu’s first love, who took his own life. When Ritsuka hears him sing, he begs him to join his band. Ritsuka and Mafuyu became one of anime’s best LGBTQ+ couples, and their bandmates soon became a couple.

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Junjo RomanticaJunjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica offers four different boys’ love stories for fans to enjoy. Junjo Romantica, Junjo Egoist, Junjo Terrorist, and Junjo Mistake are different storylines. But they constantly connect as the first one is the main one.

Each of these couples has a very obvious uke and seme who behave just as their roles signal. Any BL fan should know this anime. Regardless of what kind of couple they like, Junjō Romantica allows them to choose among very different characters.

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