Five Worst Things About Modern Anime That Will Make You Hate The Industry

Five Worst Things About Modern Anime

One of the coolest things about the anime community is how much it has grown over the past couple of years. Thanks to the increased interest in anime, there are more new series coming out than ever before. However, some of these newer anime tend to miss the mark regarding what fans are looking for. Here is everything you need to know about the five worst things about modern anime.

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Animation Studios Are Stretched Too ThinAnimation Studios Are Stretched Too Thin: Five Worst Things About Modern Anime

These days, there’s always a new place looking for more anime. Companies like Netflix and Crunchyroll commissioning their own projects along with traditional networks looking for their own content.

As a result, projects take too long or have worse quality animation. Unfortunately, given how poorly animators are paid, there’s no easy solution to the problem. Studios can’t just stop producing as much anime, as the reduction in cash could be the end of them.

There’s Too Much FanserviceThere's Too Much Fanservice

Older shows like Fairytail and Naruto are known for having a fair bit of fan service. While rarely being necessary to plot, fan service is a relatively easy way to increase an anime’s fanbase. However, it can go too far to the point where it makes a series feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Quite a few newer anime like Love Tyrant, are examples of series that include excessive fan service for no reason. These series go too far in trying to boost viewers, and instead, they lose their audience.

Many Seem To Have Similar Animation StylesMany Seem To Have Similar Animation Styles: Five Worst Things About Modern Anime

Love of Kill, Love Tyrant, and Spy x Family are a few modern anime that have brighter art styles. Their color schemes contrast significantly with those of older anime like Naruto, and the older One Piece episodes. Even bright midday scenes in Naruto aren’t as visually light as typical scenes in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

In the case of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, the brighter art style is intentional to add the anime’s Slice-of-Life feel. In anime like Love of Kill, a brighter art style has no place. Love of Kill focuses on a professional assassin who is being harassed by her worst enemy.

Newer Anime’s Music Just Doesn’t CompareNewer Anime's Music Just Doesn't Compare

The most popular anime are known for their incredible soundtracks as much as their characters and plots. Much newer anime like Romantic Killer and Sword Art Online have subpar soundtracks.

There are exceptions like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Attack On Titan that still have popular OSTs despite coming out more recently. However, overall, the newer generation of anime tends to have soundtracks that just don’t leave as much of an impact as the soundtracks of older series.

Newer Anime Struggle To Present New IdeasNewer Anime Struggle To Present New Ideas

There simply aren’t as many show-stopping anime as there used to be. Even the most popular mainstream shows have a central plot that’s similar to older anime. If the newer anime had come out ten years earlier before Beastars became popular.

It might have gotten more attention since its plot would have seemed more unique. The similarities between the storylines of older and newer anime aren’t inherently bad, but they can cause some newer anime to seem boring.

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