Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans reveal the Ousen army’s dilemma!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19

Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans are here and it promises a lot of action! Shin, Mouten, Ousen and Denrimi are discussing whether to leave the Ousen army behind or move forward. 

Would the Ousen army recover in good time to march forward and join the northeastern army? What is Kanki’s view on the plan of action? Who is the new Qin general and why does he aspire to become one of the six greats? Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 709.

Kingdom Chapter 709 spoilers

Korean Raw Scans for Kingdom Chapter 709 show that Shin, Mouten, Ousen, and Denrimi are deliberating whether to leave behind an army or not. Denrimi says that they have suffered heavy casualties and injuries which are almost 3 times as much as the enemy. 

They deliberate whether to leave a certain section of the army behind at Atsuyo to protect their flank from Zhao attack. But since they are in such bad shape they can not do that. They must either wait at Atsuyo with the entire army to help as many Ousen soldiers recuperate.

Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans

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The other option available to them is that they must leave the army behind in Atsuyo and hope for the other armies to unite with Qin’s northeastern army at the designated target. Only after this can they execute their original plan and along with that they need to communicate with the northeastern army.

There is intense planning and there are minor verbal spats between Shin, Denrimi and Ten. Ten had been saying that Ousen army was supposed to have the maximum number of soldiers so if they are not taken along they would be halved in strength. 

Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans

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Mouten explains that time is the defining factor between staying back and marching ahead. Even if the Ousen army is recovering at Atsuyo, the Zhao army might attack and compromise their numbers. It turns out that there are 200,000 soldiers of the northeastern army and not 20,000.

The generals decide that this number is enough for them to move forward by leaving the Ousen army behind. Meanwhile, Kanki shuts up Souou as, in his usual disinterestedness, there is nothing of significance at the cities of Riboku and Taewon for him. But since there is nothing left even in Atsuyo, The Kanki army, the Gakuka and the Haki army leave for Taewon anyway. 

Kingdom Chapter 709 Raw Scans

In Taewon, the new Qin general is Jopagwang. He has never marched with almost 200,000 men and is naturally in high spirits. Their merger with the Ousen army would mean the command would pass to Ousen. On a distant cliff, they spot two Seika generals who have been waiting half a year for this. 

Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here. Kingdom Chapter 709 will be released in the third week of February 2022.

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