Naruto: Must Watch Fillers Episodes

  1. While the world’s first knuckleheaded Ninja made us laugh, cry, and still watch Boruto for him, the anime writers gave us some filler episodes that extended our beloved people of the Leaf village’s screen time.

While many of you would’ve skipped the filler episodes altogether, sometimes it’s better to watch them understand some small mentions here and there. If you have already finished watching the series, then there is nothing stopping you now from watching the fillers.

But we won’t be so cruel; we will inform you beforehand on what to watch and what fillers to omit.

The Last Leg: A Final Act Of Desperation (Episode 106)


If you find Sasuke brooding over nothing all of a sudden and decide to go with Orochimaru’s henchmen, then you might want to see this episode and the ones before it.

Team 7 goes to aide a feudal Lord to win the election by escorting their champion throughout the race. Sasuke fails again when he is up against a rogue ninja from the Leaf village. But Naruto beats the rogue Ninja, and it starts to affect Sasuke.

A Clash Of Fate: You Can’t Bring Me Down (Episode 147)

This episode makes us reminisce about the old days and how it all started. Mizuki, the one that told Naruto about the beast within and the one that tried to kill him, comes back to trouble Iruka sensei.

This episode also, for the first time, saw team 10’s legendary Ino-Shika-Cho formation. So, it comes under a must-watch episode.

Kidnapped! Naruto’s Hot Spring Adventure! (Episode 97) 

While it is a treat to just see Jiraiya and Naruto together on their training journey, this one gets a special mention as Tsunade and Shizune join them while the four are on their way back to Leaf village to make Tsunade the fifth Hokage.

This episode shows the sweet innocent nature of Naruto and the sympathy he has towards people too. It is a funny episode and also sees the extent to which Shizune will go to protect Tsunade.

Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-sensei’s True Face! (Episode 101)


Ever wondered what on Earth Kakashi’s face looked like? Well, I did, and so did the three students of Kakashi. It’s safe to say that Naruto’s knuckleheaded traits had influenced Sasuke and Sakura a little more than they thought it did.

In this laughing riot of an episode, all three students try to make Kakashi take off his mask and see his face. It is filled with laughter and fun between the students and the sensei. Caution: Sasuke is curious too!

Deep Cover?! A Super S-Ranked Mission! (Episode 136)

After they come back home failing to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura decides to go on her own mission. She is then confronted by Naruto and Jiraiya, who also join her on her mission.

This mission lasts for some episodes, and if you want to know how Sakura came to know about the true meaning of the name ‘Pervy Sage‘, then you should definitely watch these episodes.

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