Healer Girl Episode 6 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers


Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Healer Girl Episode 6.

About Healer Girl

In this world, there are three schools of medicine: Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and vocal medicine. Yes, there is such a thing as healing ailments through singing in this world! It is a special technique that improves the mental health of both patients and doctors alike. The anime follows the lives of such healer girls in training at the Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute.

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Recap of Healer Girl Episode 5

  • The episode begins with Ria, Shoko and the girls arriving at Hibiki’s place for a brief five days break away from their usual duties at the clinic.

Healer Girl Episode 5

  • Hibiki’s parents and her many siblings are all there to welcome them at their arrival.
  • Reimi is shocked to learn that Ria and Hibiki are related to each other from Hibiki’s mother’s side. And there’s a comedic moment where she sulks and declares she’d also become part of the family just to get closer to Ria.
  • The girls and Hibiki’s siblings all head to a water spot and they play around and have fun.
  • It also seems like Hibiki’s brother has a crush on Reimi and he tries to get close to her and challenges her to a swimming race and various other contests, all of which she wins.

Healer Girl Episode 5

  • We also get to learn that the person who saved Kana on the plane when she was having an asthma attack as a kid is actually Ria herself.
  • The episode ends on a happy note as the girls and Hibiki’s siblings all head up a mountain to watch the constellations in the night sky and also a beautiful swarm of fireflies.
  • In the post-credits scene, we also get a wholesome scene as the guests finally take leave of Hibiki’s parents’ hospitality and once again head back to resume their normal routine, as they vow to come back again soon.

Healer Girl Episode 5

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Healer Girl Episode 6 Release Date

Healer Girl Episode 6 is set to be released on Monday, May 9th, 2022.


Healer Girl Episode 6 Spoilers

  • The title of the upcoming episode is “Become My Servant• Russian Food and Sweet Dreams”.

Healer Girl Episode 6

  • From the looks of the preview, Episode 6 is going to revolve around a culture festival.
  • Sonia is probably going to make Shinobu, Kana, Reiki and Hibiki her servants as she declares excitedly in the preview that she will take care of all of them.

Where to Watch Healer Girl Online?

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll where the original Japanese dub is available with English subtitles.

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