How Old Is Yennefer In Season One of The Witcher?


While the first season gave us a headache with its ever confusing timeline, it kept us confused about many other things too…

Beauty and Beyond 

One of the things that kept fans guessing was the age of the main characters, particularly that of Yennefer’s. While the mage did go under the knife to become what she thought was the most needed to be respected, we know that for sure, there is no way she is as young as this in real.

While we see Yennefer murmuring that it has been five decades since her graduation and nothing she thought has happened; it’s just an indication of how many decades has passed between. But according to some fans, Yennefer is at least 90 while the battle occurs in the last episode.

How Old is Yennefer?


Keep in mind also that there are differences in ages and some stories and significant attributes of characters in the series compared to those in the book.

While it is normal for them to look that young, given that they are powerful sorceresses and have the power to keep themselves young, fans still wonder how old our powerful chaotic mage is.

Well, according to the books, Yennefer’s story started when she was in her 20s. Now the destruction of Cintra and escaping of Ciri of which takes place in the pilot episode takes place 70 years since Yennefer graduation.



That makes Yennefer around 90 years old, according to the series’ timeline. But when asked Anya Chalotra, the actress playing Yennefer, she said that the story of Yennefer is covered from the age of 14 to 77.

But according to Lauren Hissrich’s statement, Yennefer would be around 90 years around the final battle in season one. But the problem again arises when we see that, Yennefer’s birth year in the series is 1192, while the Battle of Sodden Hill is listed as 1263, which puts Yennefer at the age of 71 at the end of season 1.

While this leaves us confused about what Lauren said, it is clear that she was 71 years old, according to the series. While we have no idea whatsoever on what age she will be in the second season, we can guess she will probably be in her 70s in season two, at least in the first few episodes.

While nothing about the second season can be ultimately confirmed until we see it ourselves, let’s keep spinning theories and exploring the books and keep digging up more to keep ourselves occupied.





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