Why does Nilfgaard Want Ciri so Badly?


One of the most troubling things when you saw season one of The Witcher is wondering, ‘Why on Earth, are they after Ciri?’


Not just ambitious?

While at first, we think it was a mere battle to take over new territory, later it proves to be so much more. But from the beginning, Queen Calanthe had only one thing in mind, take Ciri and send her far out of the enemy’s reach.

Did Calanthe know that they were after Ciri? Because we do know that the entire battle was because Nilfgaard wanted to capture Ciri. I don’t understand why they went to seize other kingdoms in the North too later on, but we know one thing for sure, they didn’t seize Cintra just because they wanted it under their control.


Creepy Old White Flame



Now we see in the series that Fringilla and Cahir were often mentioning the White Flame. If that’s how they are going on with the storyline, then we might have to give you the reason why Ciri is of prior importance now to Nilfgaard. Because one, it’s creepy, and two, it’s still creepy.

Well, according to the books, Ciri’s father (not Geralt) Duny, a.k.a. Lord Urcheon of Erlenwald, is still alive and is actually the ruler of Nilfgaard called Emhyr Var Emreis. If that’s the storyline the series chose to go with, then it gets creepy, I say!


Emhyr or Dunny?

Okay, now, this Emhyr guy is also known as the White Flame. We did see Cahir and Fringilla praise him and revere him so much. But the creepy dude Emhyr believes in the prophecy of Ithlinne.

According to the prophecy, Emhyr’s elven-blood inherited son will lay claim to some mighty powers and rule the continent. If that’s true, then Nilfgaard’s one sole goal will become a default clause when the prophecy is fulfilled by Emhyr, by just having a half-elven son.



Ciri, the half Elven Princess


Now that Ciri has a half-elven heritage, in the books, Emhyr is looking for Ciri so that he can get her pregnant and make her give birth to his son. Even though Game of Thrones had brother and sister incest, this is a whole new kind of incest.

Now that she is under Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, and so many other Witchers’ protection. Is it even possible to lay hands on her? Maybe knowing this is why Calanthe rushed Ciri out during the war?


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