If You Haven’t seen Lucifer Before…Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered!


Lucifer season 5 is about to release tomorrow and here’s everything you need to know. If you are an ardent fan, you know every plot by heart by now. But to those who started catching up to everything quickly now so that they can watch the fifth season with their friends. Then either you might want to drop this article now and go watch the leftover episodes or read this article further and find out what happened till now and what is the hype about?


Lucifer, unlike the depiction of our parents to threaten us when we were small, has a totally new twisted history which is well concocted and written by the writers of Lucifer. Lucifer, as everyone already knew, is the Devil himself. Still, the twist in this series is “He is not bad but is just appointed to punish the bad and give eternal punishment and put the bad in the eternal hellfire”.

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Lucifer, according to Christianity, is the Angel who was pushed out of Heaven because of his pride. But this series, bring in a new twist by showing Lucifer as the Devil himself in all his glory. Still, he has no blemish on himself and is just appointed to punish the bad. And in fact, he is even shown as the favourite offspring of God.

Lucifer With Wings

The Devil in this series owns a nightclub in LA and has his Angelic brother also roaming around the Earth. Lucifer while on his time on Earth meets an LAPD Detective Chloe Decker. He is attracted to her, and above all, she makes him vulnerable, in angelic terms….Lucifer can be killed if he is anywhere near Chloe while on the contrary, he cannot be stopped by any bullet or sword of this Earth when he is not near Chloe.

After so much drama and heartbreaks, Chloe sees the original Lucifer, even though he has been telling who he was from the first second he met her. Chloe realizes everything around her is not as she thought it was and tries to come into terms with but takes some people and help to completely accept the reality.

Inbar Lavi as Eve in Lucifer

When she finally sees that she loves Lucifer then comes the revolt from the demons of Hell, which was unknowingly started by Eve (of Adam and Eve). Even though she meant that to happen, she didn’t want anyone being sacrificed because she was in Love with Lucifer and want him for herself. But the demons that were released had other plans. They tried to make Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel’s son with Dr Linda as their new master as he was part Angel (which is the law to be followed to rule Hell).

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With a lot more happening in and out of the storyline, the season 4 comes to an end with Lucifer sending every demon back to Hell and saving his brother’s son and showing every creature in Hell he hasn’t gone soft after being on Earth for a long time. He bids adieu to Chloe and leaves to rule Hell. The end credits show him sitting on his throne isolated and above.

Lucifer With Devil Wings

The Hell and Heaven twist, the good/bad twist which has never been made by anyone before is what made its fans and viewers keep petitioning for another season after season. It is also speculated that God will finally make an appearance in the fifth season. Probably in the second part! But the damages caused and will be created by Lucifer’s twin brother Michael, the Archangel is something you can look forward to. No one messes with Angel’s girl and definitely not when you are the Devil!

Lucifer on The Hell’s Throne Season 4

The season five of Lucifer has two parts, each consisting of 8 episodes and only one part will be releasing now. The first two episodes are streaming tomorrow (August 21, 2020) on Netflix. The second part of Season 5 and Season 6 are not expected to come any soon since the pandemic has put a halt to everything.

Let us know what all are you expecting from tomorrow in the comment section below.

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