Kengan Omega Chapter 130: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Kengan Omega Chapter 157

Kengan Omega Chapter 130 is set to release soon! The much-awaited chapter is finally here. Fans will finally see the fight between Tokita Ohma and Rolan Donaire in the upcoming chapter of Kengan Omega. 

Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter; release date, recap, spoilers, leaks.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 130 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 130 is set to be released on 14th October 2021. Fans are eagerly awaiting the fight that will decide the strongest martial artists in the underworld. To the delight of the fans, the wait is not for long as the upcoming chapter will be out in just 4 days!

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 Recap

Muteba Gizenga was smashed into the wall, shattering it. Gizenga regained consciousness and was surprised that the man didn’t come to finish him off. He was a bit disappointed for not getting the chance to pump lead into his body with his revolver. 

Gizenga stepped up and communicated with his soldiers through a phone call. He informed them that the enemy had disappeared and concluded that it would be too dangerous to pursue him.

He hung up the call and went to the arena, realizing that the Final Showdown was about to begin, and it was time for “His Match.” Fei’s body is sent away by the medics, and his team understands that he died while doing his best. 

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

After what he saw, Carlos Medel wonders whether Liu Dongcheng is considering resigning. Liu responds that he is only fatigued and wonders how things have come to be this way. He discovers that his best pals, Naidan and Fei, are no longer alive. Liu is perplexed as to why he must continue since he has already lost two of them. 

Toku no Toku Michi joins the two and warns them that if they don’t use their heads, they would be cursed. Toku offers Liu some advice in the form of a poem. Toa Mudo, Arashiyam Jurota, and The Falcon also agree with Toku.

Juroto said they’ll watch the Final Showdown all the way through. The triumph will also be offered to those who have perished before them, according to the Falcon. Lolong walked by and confirmed it, stating that Purgatory will never lose. 

The warrior observes Lolong’s physique and understands he is the most powerful guy in Purgatory. Kazuo is with Ohma and is afraid to question whether Ohma is certain about this. Ohma inquires as to what he is referring to.

Kazuho mentioned the man who appeared on the monitor and asked whether Ohma intended to pursue him. Ohma agrees, and Agito believes Tokita Niko is attempting to deceive the two of them. Tokitta Niko, Agito says, is the one who forces him to master The Niko Style. 

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

Ohma says he’d want to know if Tokita Niko is still alive, and Agito says he’ll pay for it. Koga tells Ohma that he must win this match because he cannot bear Ohma losing until he exacts his retribution. Ohma was warned by Gaolangwongsawat to be cautious because this was not a Kengan match.

Julius warned him not to be led astray by regulations. Misasa sends him her best regards. Ohma responds that they grant him far too many wishes, leading him to believe he is dying. Kazuho advised him to fight as hard as he could, and that Worms’ machinations would be irrelevant. 

As Ohma entered the ring, the audience chanted his name. Ohma remarks that it is now time. The battle between Ashura Tokita Ohma and Lolong Donaire, the Monster of Manila, is about to commence.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130 Spoilers

The raw scans of Kengan Omega Chapter 130 will be released only 1 to 2 days before the official release of the chapter. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter will be revealed with the release of the raw scans. We can expect the upcoming chapter to continue with the fight between Ashura Tokita Ohma and Lolong Donaire. Will Lolong’s tyranny in the ring finally come to an end? Will Chapter 130 reveal the aftermath of the battle? Hopefully, all these questions will be answered when the raw scan for the series is released.

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Where To Read Kengan Omega

There is no official website to read the English translations of Kengan Omega. However, you can always check out fan translation websites to access the upcoming chapters. Kenganomega and Comikey are some excellent websites to read fan translations of the manga.

Kengan Omega Chapter 130

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