Madame Web Reviews: Not So Great? A 4.5 on 10.

Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

According to Richard Neto of The Hollywood Handle, the review embargo for Sony Pictures’ upcoming Madame Web will lift at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 13. So, does that mean we have no Madame Web reviews for now?

Well, it only means the OFFICIAL first review of the movie will be released as early as the day before the movie’s theatrical debut on Wednesday, February 14.

Though not necessarily the case, an embargo lift so close to a movie’s release can indicate a lack of confidence in the project from studios, possibly since there is less time for negative reviews to circulate before public release.

This same thing happened to the DCEU’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December, which proved to be a relatively disappointing end to the SnyderVerse.


What Could Madame Web Reviews Say?

In the current era of superhero fatigue, and less-than-well-received projects from even the most successful superhero franchises, many fans may find themselves simply confused as to why Sony appears to be doubling down on its live-action Spider-Verse.

Picture of Johnson from Madame Web

Despite this, following Madame Web Sony is still planning to release Venom 3, Kraven the Hunter, and El Muerto.

Granted, the Venom franchise, at the very least, does have its fans. But, if Sony does not redeem itself from Morbius, any future live-action Spider-Verse project from Sony Pictures could be tinted by the notorious double-flop.


That is not to say that no one is excited for Madame Web. There are certainly many fans who are looking forward to the Spider-Man-adjacent story and many who are simply craving a Marvel fix, since the only MCU movie releasing in 2024 will be Deadpool 3 in July.

Madame Web hits theaters on Wednesday, February 14.

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