‘Manga we want to see Animated’ Poll result Revealed By Anime Japan 2024

Manga we want to see Animated

Anime Japan Conducted a Poll test for anime fans on which manga they want to see animated the most on March 4. A total of 103,473 Votes were received by fans on this poll. And here are the results of “Manga we want to see Animated”. This Friday, the top 10 chosen anime that they want to see the most animated, ranked by fans out of 50 nominees were listed.

There are several Manga’s that are loved enormously by fans and their diehard fans are waiting for their favourite manga animated on Television. Many mangakas don’t have much budget for them to animate it in a reputed studio on their own.

Anime Japan Event ‘Aniran‘ has seen many manga Works that get adapted into Anime. We can only hope that these 10 manga will get Adaptation soon too.

Here is the Ranking list of ‘Manga we want to see Animated’

1. ShinanontinoikuruShinanontinoikuru

Author: Nakasorahami

Publisher: Kadokawa


The Manga is full of nostalgia, the paper planes, Candy stores, Rare Stickers, Dodgeball, 5-step switch bicycles, kicking a can for fun and just eating and sleeping all day, I’m sure you all have Done one fun activities from this once in your life and now miss it badly. But no worries, you’ve got a manga that is all about his.

The story is about a lovable young boy, Ikuru and his older sister, Shinano, who is Scary when angry but actually loves her brother so much. A real-life sibling relationship basically. The manga explores their relationship and shows their chaotic days with laughter.

Comment from the Author:

I was so happy just to be nominated, but I didn’t expect to win first place!
I was so happy I thought I was dreaming!
Thank you so much to all the readers who voted for me!
I will continue to draw funny and nostalgic manga!
I think “Shinanonchi no Ikuru” would definitely be interesting if it were made into an anime! If you haven’t read it yet, please start with the manga!

2. Syougakuseiemumutoemumi no KattekimamaraifuSyougakuseiemumutoemumi no Kattekimamaraifu


Author: M- Fujin
Publisher: Kadokawa

The Emmotos are a five-member family who lives together, in which there’s a mother who is a quick-witted person and is a born blabbermouth, a father who have common sense but sometimes acts a bit childish, the eldest son who is very self-conscious person and just lives to play video games and then there is an eldest daughter who just loves to collect rocks.

The only member in their family who shines brightly is their youngest daughter who have destructive power. Her Character is a must see because she has the perfect amount of Charm and Cheekiness and there is a curiosity in what kind of adult she will become once she grows up?

Comment from the Author:

Thank you very much for the second place in the Manga We Want To See Animated Ranking!
We are very happy to know that there are many people who would like to see the Emmoto family in motion. I would like to thank everyone who voted for us from the bottom of my heart!
I will continue to do my best to draw manga that readers will enjoy.

3. Real Otaku LifeReal Otaku Life

Author: Maron
Publisher: Live Comics
Publication: Comic Amble

The Real Akiba Boys aka RAB is an otaku Break- dancing group. Maron, a member of RAB and A manga Artist has created a four-panel comic about their daily lives. Their performance, a fusion of anime songs and break dancing has won over 50 million hearts on video sharing sites, news and TV. They have performed with many various artists and turn their daily geeky life into a four- panel manga. Their goal is to perform at Nippo Budokan and Make a anime of themselves, which is quite emotional and seems fun.

Comment from the Author:

I am very honored to have been selected for this wonderful award.
I belong to an ani-song dance team called RAB (Real Akiba Boys), and this work is about the fun daily life of the members of RAB! Our dream is to make our own anime!
We are very happy to have received this award, and we are very grateful to everyone who voted for us and to everyone who found our work!

4. I Think I turned my Childhood friend into a girlI Think I turned my Childhood friend into a girl

Author: Azusa Banjo
Publisher: Ichijinsha Inc.
Publication: Comic Pool

What happens when a Boy who loves cosmetics applies makeup on his childhood friend (Male)? That’s the start of a cute emo story which is about a boy Midou, who is a topper of the class and hides the fact that he loves cosmetics. He wants to badly try out his makeup skills on someone but Who? That’s when Hiura, his shady childhood friend comes into the picture. But things change when Midou completes doing makeup on his friend and ends up transforming his male friend into a beautiful girl. And here’s a secret Midou doesn’t know that his Childhood friend, Hiura secretly likes him.

Comment from the Author:

I’m so glad! I am really happy!
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support of so many people, both at home and abroad.
I am a little scared that a romantic comedy in which a boy is made into a beautiful girl with makeup has a real chance to be made into an anime…? I am a little bit scared.
I hope from the bottom of my heart to see Himura (male) move and talk more prettily than in the manga someday!
I will continue to do my best to make the characters that you love so much happy.

5. Ugly Red light District GirlUgly red-light district girl manga

Author: Naru Kariya
Publisher: GANMA!
Publication: GANMA!

Esora is a high school Girl who was sold to a trafficker and now is in a brothel known as Sagamiya. She is now in Hanamachi District where she doesn’t know anyone. Sagami, who is the owner of the brothel offers that she can become the Oiran of the Area if she wants, and she accepts the offer.

Comment from the Author:

I am really, really, really happy!
Thank you to everyone who voted for us. I will devote myself more and more to make the anime realization and deliver something interesting.
If Esora and Sagami move, I’m going to faint…

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6. I Love your CruddyI love Your Cruddy

Author: Manio

Publisher: Ichijinsha Inc.

Publication: Comic Yuri Hime


Airi Sezaki and Hinako Hanamura are two girls, who are from different castes and groups but are in the same class, they can’t tell a secret to anyone and that’s the affair between them. It’s an affair that started in the school’s chemistry lab and now has become a private ritual for them.

Comment from the Author:

Thank you so much for voting for “Kitakawa.”
I want it to be animated!” I’m more interested in what would happen if it were animated…? I’m so curious to see what would happen if it were made into an anime. I’m so thrilled….

7. KagurabachiKagurabachi

Author: Takeru Hakazono

Publisher: Shuiesha Inc.

Publication: Weekly Shonen Jump

Chihiro aspires to become a swordsmith and is currently being trained under his father, who was once a swordsmith. A father who is playful and a son who is taciturn, so of course his training days were Chaotic and fun, and he thought that his days of laughter would go on forever. But that’s when a tragedy hits and he loses his father now burning in hatred Chihiro goes to the battlefield in order to get revenge.

8. The Summer you were thereThe summer you were there

Author: Yuama

Publisher: Ichijinsha Inc.

Publication: ComicYuri Hime


Shizuku Hoshikawa, a high school girl who avoids contact with other people in her life, is seen by her classmate Kaori Asaka with a novel she has been writing without showing it to anyone. Shizuku is terrified that her work will be ridiculed, but when Kaori reads her novel, she gets completely unexpected feedback… Two girls play sweet and sad lovers for one summer, connected through the story.

Comment from the Author:

Now that “Kimi to Tsuduru Utakata” has been completed, I, too, hope that their one summer it will be turn into a film…. Thank you so much to all the readers who voted for this title!

9. Kindergarten WARSKindergarten Wars

Author: You Chiba

Publisher: Shueisha Inc.

Publication: Shonen Jump Plus


The world’s heaviest kids attend the black kindergarten. Rita who is a teacher at the kindergarten is looking for a boyfriend but, can’t seem to find anyone. One day, a hit man appears who is targeting the children, but he is super handsome. The manga series is full of action and comedy and is ranked 9th on the list ‘Manga we want to see Animated’.

Comment from the Author:

9th place in the Manga We Want to See Animated Ranking! Thank you for your votes!
I would love to see it made into an anime and have a lot of handsome voice actors appear and leave the stage!

10. PSYRENPsyren, Manga we want to see Animated

Author: Toshiaki Iwashiro

Publisher: Shueisha Inc.

Publication: Weekly Shonen Jump


Sakurako Amemiya disappeared, leaving behind the words, “Save me. In order to find her, Ageha Yoshina gets into the “Secret Society Siren,” an urban legend related to a series of “Kamikakushi” disappearances. And so, begins the game of Ageha’s life!


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