Marvel Fan Arranged “Every Marvel Scene” Chronologically And Lost his Mind

Marvel fan has made good use of free time during Lockdown and chronologically listed every scene of the MCU. A fan named Tony Goldmark tweeted his findings on Wednesday, which went viral.

“Well nerds, I f**kin’ did it,” Tony tweeted. “Took me a global pandemic and a damn quarantine, but I did it. I figured out the precise chronological order of all the MCU movies (so far) BY SCENE. I’m out of my Goddamn mind. You’re welcome.”

Avengers Endgame Poster

Tony continued sharing that “Obviously, this only covers the 23 MCU movies so far. No ABC or Netflix TV shows, no shorts, no deleted scenes.'” There are a few instances where I allowed the movies some creative editing license (like the sequence in Thor: The Dark World when it keeps cutting back-and-forth, heist movie-style, between Thor planning with the Warriors Three, and them executing that plan)…” he said.

Tony’s tweet has been liked for more than 13,000 times, continues to attract comments from fellow Marvel fans. “So the time travel parts of the endgame still go with the Endgame and not with the parts of the movies they jumped at?” One person asked. To which Tony replied, “Very good question … it depends. As Smart Hulk said, they’re not undoing the past, they’re creating an all-new timeline, so for the most part, time travel scenes should be seen with the rest of the Endgame with some limited exceptions.”

He further said, “My rule was, I could only back up the Endgame time travel scenes into their proper ‘time’ in non-redundant instances where a full scene, with a proper beginning, middle and end, was completely unaffected by the future Avengers’ time-heist shenanigans. There are only three scenes: The first 2014-era scene between Gamora, Nebula and Thanos, up to the moment Nebula’s synapses start f**king up, The Avengers telling Hulk to take the stairs, Hulk yelling ‘SO MANY STAIRS!'”

When a person asked Tony about what did it cost him, Tony replied with a GIF of Thanos saying, “Everything.”

The MCU is probably the most successful movie franchise in history. The series continues with The Black Widow, which is set to be released in November, and The Eternals, which will be released in February.

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