Blue Lock Chapter 160 Spoilers (GINGA X MONSTER) and Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 173

The spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 160 have been released and we saw Kaiser coming up with a new technique after interacting with Lavinho, who teaches him some Brazilian technique.

What is that technique? here’s everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 160.

Blue Lock Chapter 159 Recap

Even after 11 days of training, Isagi is unable to defeat Kaiser and is not picked for such Top 11 players. Kunigami is the only player of Blue Lock from the Wild Cardwho has been chosen for the team. Not to become dejected and give up hope, he tries to analyse all of the players’ playing styles in order to figure out how to exploit their flaws when the opportunity arrives.

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Three crucial game rules are announced by the announcer: the first three goals, infinite substitution, and the star change system. The first Neo-Egoist league, which pits Germany against Spain, begins.

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Blue Lock Chapter 160 Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 160: Isagi’s Analysis of Bachira

Isagi believes that he can see see Bachira’s power evolve because he was named as one of Spain’s regulars even if training began only 10 days ago. Bachira asks what type of soccer should we dance to, as the game progresses.

Cocky Lavinho

Kitsunezato transferred the micro interpreters to Lavinho, who then greeted the Blue Lock members. Otoya inquired about how he intends to teach them soccer. Lavinho responded that he is their master but then sarcastically added, that he doesn’t intend to teach them soccer leaving Blue Lock trainees perplexed.


Lavinho went on to say that he is the finest in the world and that he will not give them any pointers. “Isn’t Noel Noa the best in the world?” Bachira asks, and Lavinho brands him a racist epithet “yellow-head.”

Blue Lock Chapter 160: Lavinho


Lavinho began playing soccer with the ball and explained that in his home country of Brazil, there is a name called “Ginga” that means “tottering” and comes from Capoeira, which is a blend of martial arts and music. Lavinho remarked that the Brazilian celebrities he admires have a strong sense of rhythm in their blood. He claims that people only become original after imitating someone’s style.

Blue Lock Chapter 160: Bachira’s “Monster”

Bachira realises that his motions are distinctive from his “image,” therefore he plans to have some of Lavinho’s moves into his image to become the strongest in the world. Then there’s Bachira and Lavinho in a corridor. Bachira claims to have his “image” in him as well, which he refers to as a “monster.”

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Bachira said that he must defeat the “beast” and grow in strength. Bachira must progress that “monster” to the next level, and that will help him be the best in the world.


Bachira is in a one-on-one battle with a German player. Bachira’s dribbles are effective, according to Isagi, but his dribbling stance has improved and shows some purpose.

He is currently up against Germany’s Theo Sachs, a slotback. Lavinho’s Ginga is being used by Bachira. “Ginga x Monster” is Bachira’s latest dribbling style,leaving Isagi awestruck by Bachira’s progress. The new Kunigami and Bachira will have a face-off.

Blue Lock Chapter 160: Kunigami x Bachira
Kunigami x Bachira

Blue Lock Chapter 160 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 160 is scheduled to get released on the 26th of January 2022. Every chapter of Blue Lock gets released on a weekly basis. Delays are not uncommon but the situation is better than most mangas.


Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of Blue Lock on the Kodansha Website.

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