Most Glaring Flaws In Disney Cartoon Movies That Were Never Fixed


Disney might have made some of the most memorable movies of all time, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t have obvious flaws.

Scar Could Have Killed Simba In A Second

scan could have killed simba.png

In the case of Scar, there is a big mistake in both the character and the storyteller. After Mufasa’s death, Scar literally wrapped his claw around Simba in a malicious attempt to appease him.

A good-time strike could have eliminated the only threat to his throne, but what would he do? Get sucked in and pay for it in the end. Probably not the smartest thing in the boy’s career.

Wired For Halloween


Like Pixar’s eye problem, this can’t be unseen. Stop motion animation is never easy in art forms, and not all bugs get caught at first glance.

That being said, if viewers were to notice the opening of “This Is Halloween” in The Nightmare Before Christmas, they could see the strings that would make the bats fly off on the screen.

Magic Is Logically Better Than Electricity


In defense of the film, the similarity of magic and modern comfort is used to describe the fundamentally correct way and the easy way to work, a lesson many viewers must learn.

If magic exists in this world, why on earth would electricity be the only common and preferred source? If Disney and fantasy novels teach anything, magic is always more powerful.

Stitch Causes All The Problems


Many fans do not take it simply because they are blind to Stitch‘s cuteness, but this is still a glaring flaw. Stitch is solely responsible for everything that goes wrong in the picture.

Every problem, every conflict, and every time something goes wrong it is because of these little monster claws. Though, he may be able to defend himself in the end, but Nani and Lilo could have been safer without him. Need proof? Watch the picture again.

Elsa Can Create Life. And Everyone’s Cool With It?

Elsa and Olaf

What exactly are the limits to Elsa’s magical ice powers? Sure, she can make a snowman, a dress, and then an ice castle, but what about giving life to Olaf, Marshmallow, and the little snow slaves that come to life in Frozen Fever?

Does this mean she is capable of creating a life from nothing like an ice goddess? Answer it, Disney.

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