My Hero Academia’s Most Reliable Pro Heroes

My Hero Academia’s world relies heavily on costumed pro-heroes who defend and uphold justice and the law at any cost. Here is everything you need to know about My Hero Academia’s most reliable pro heroes.

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The astronaut-themed hero Thirteen appeared early in My Hero Academia. She helped defend class 1-A when the League of Villains stormed the USJ complex back in Season 1. Thirteen used her powerful Black Hole Quirk and bravely used it to fend off the entire League single-handedly.

Thirteen is a moderately powerful pro hero with a kind personality and a cool outer space theme. She appeared again to fight the Paranormal Liberation Front in Season 6.

EdgeshotEdgeshot My Hero Academia

Edgeshot is the most ninja-like pro hero, complete with a stylish hero costume and fighting style to match. He is the stealthiest member of the Lurkers team and truly lives up to that team’s name.

Edge shot, like Kamui Woods, is serious, disciplined, and highly reliable. He is also a master of his bizarre Quirk, using it to fold his body into a thin line to sneak around or stab his enemies like a living spear.

The Wild, Wild PussycatsThe Wild, Wild Pussycats

The four Wild, Wild Pussycats can be lumped together as a single pro hero. They always operate as a team to perform search and rescue missions in mountainous areas. These four heroes have the perfect Quirks to find missing people and coordinate the evacuation of dangerous areas.

The Pussycats are also dependable fighters, not just rescuers, most of all with the brawny hero Tiger. All four Pussycats gave it their all when the League of Villains’ vanguard team arrived to attack the forest training camp.

Best JeanistBest Jeanist My Hero Academia

Best Jeanist is a disciplined, reliable pro hero who may enjoy all the attention. But he fights for duty’s sake, not vanity’s sake. Best Jeanist is tough and persistent in battle, and he even took a mortal blow from All For One.

Best Jeanist has suffered greatly in the battle against villainy, but he won’t dare back down or make excuses. He returned to the fight sooner than expected. Making an aerial drop with some new cables and wires to take the fight to Tomura Shigaraki because it was the right thing to do.

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Principal NezuPrincipal Nezu

Principal Nezu takes his duty as UA’s leader very seriously. He will say or do whatever he must to keep that school safe and preserve its image as Japan’s #1 hero school. Nezu doesn’t have to fight to prove his worth as a pro hero; he just has to lead.

Nezu is a polite and highly intelligent animal who can set everyone’s mind at ease with a few well-chosen words. UA’s other teachers can handle the school’s defense in person. It’s Nezu who keeps it all together with his unfailing leadership.

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