Oblivion Battery anime trailer out now, premieres April 9th!

Oblivion Battery

Kadokawa Releases the promotional video for the Anime Oblivion Battery


Over the weekend, Kadokawa released two new promotional videos for the Upcoming TV Anime Adaptation of Eko Mikawa’s popular baseball Manga series Oblivion Battery also known as Bokyaku Battery.

The first promotional video showcases the Opening theme song of the anime, the title “Lilac” which is performed by the talented brand group Mrs. Green Apple. The Video also revealed the premiere date of the anime, which is April 9th. That also fills fans with excitement and fans are already looking forward to the anime.

Oblivion Battery

Original story: Eko Mikawa (serialized in Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump +”)

Match Production: Eimitsu Takashima

Director: Masato Nakazono

Character Design: Hitomi Hasegawa

Music: Tomoki Kikutani / Hiroko Yamazaki

Sound Director: Yasushi Nagura

Sound effects: Takuya Hasegawa

Production: MAPPA

Additionally, the second promotional video for the anime that’s also been released by Kadokawa, reveals a preview of the ending theme song of the anime whose title is “Wasurena Uta”. The ending theme song is beautifully sung by Macaroni Enpitsu.

Fans can look forward to listening to the beautifully put-up opening and theme song Sung by talented singers on April 9th. And fans can mark their calendars to see the masterpiece itself or they will for sure regret if they missed the opportunity to watch the masterpiece.

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Fans of Eko Mikawa’s famous baseball manga series ‘Oblivion Battery’ should get ready with their popcorn and cold drinks, as the manga will soon be getting animated as a television series on April 9th.

The series follows the journey of former baseball team players who get reunited in the future by fate and rejoin the cricket team because of their spirited fire for sports. The new promotional videos released by Kadokawa look promising and exciting which makes fans look more forward to the anime. So, mark your calendar and be ready for the marvelous experience that the anime has to offer.

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