One Piece Chapter 1019 Leaks And Previews!!

One Piece Chapter 1019

Here are the leaks for One Piece Chapter 1019. The new chapter is titled “Heliceratops”. It will be releasing on 19 July.

As of Chapter 1018, the Beast Pirates are defecting to the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance. CP-0 counts the number of people as 16000 vs 9000. CP-0 are however shows no concern.

CP-0 confirms that they want Who-Who dead. The Gifters start attacking the Beastman Pirates. The Beast Pirates who are still loyal to Kaido chase after Tama. Speed and Gazelleman assist Tama’s group.

Zeus also returns to Nami. He apologizes for abandoning her and Nami accepts his apology. He begins attacking the Beastmen Pirates.

On floor four, Jinbei and Who-Who engage in combat. Who-Who declares he hates Luffy because the boy reminds him of Shanks. Shanks stole the Gomu Gomu no mi from him.

During the engagement, Who-Who mocks Jinbei’s ancestry by reminding him how the Fish-Man were slaves. He also talks about his imprisonment after his failure to guard the Gomu Gomu no mi.

Who-Who also narrates the story of the Sun-God Nika who will liberate all slaves. He tells Jinbei that out of desperation he also started believing that Nika would also liberate him. Jinbei takes offense at these remarks. Both use their Haki in the battle.

Unfortunately, Who-Who’s fingers break against Jinbei’s Haki and Jinbei manages to deal a powerful blow.

One Piece Chapter 1019 will be covering the following:

  • Sasaki and Franky’s battle
  • Luffy inside the Heart Pirates Submarine
  • The battle between Kaido and Yamato
  • Zoro and the Minks
  • Queens new ability

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