One Piece Manga Chapter 1.011: Will Big Mom and Kaidou fight?


This Monday, April 19, 2021, the 20th edition of the well-known Weekly Shonen Jump magazine was published in Japan and, with it, the long-awaited chapter 1,011 of One Piece, the popular manga written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda.

The spoilers come thanks to the groups Condoriano (One Piece) and Pirate King.

The chapter begins on the edge of Onigashima, with Kid and Killer watching Big Mom fly up in the distance. The Yonkou prepares an electric attack. His homie is a female creature that he has named “Hera”, and unlike Zeus, it seems to be made up of only lightning bolts and lightning bolts.

We go to the area where Luffy, Zoro and Law are. We see that Kid’s power has weakened and the metal box he created to enclose Zeus is taken apart piece by piece. The homie is free and goes in search of Big Mom. Law tells Luffy that he has to stop the leader of Big Mom’s pirates from returning, so he leaves the fight against Kaidou up to her. He then creates a Room and teleports himself.

One Manga 1.011 - Regreso de Big Mom a Onigashima. Foto: Weekly Shonen Jump

Kaidou stands up while laughing. Then, a fierce battle begins in which both the leader of the beast pirates, as Mugiwara, use their best techniques together with their King’s Haki, so they never touch each other and only emit black rays.

One Manga 1.011 - Luffy vs Kaidou. Photo: Weekly Shonen Jump
One Manga 1.011. Photo: Weekly Shonen Jump

We go to the 2nd floor of Onigashima Castle, to Usopp and Nami’s group. Page One had grabbed onto Komachiyo’s tail as he keeps running. Everyone, including Tama, tries to make the enemy detach from them, but it seems that no attack they launch at her is working. Tama’s kibidango only work on Smiles users, so they do not affect original Devil Fruits.

One Manga 1.011 - reencuentro de Big Mom y Tama. Foto: Weekly Shonen Jump

Big Mom thanks him for taking care of her while she lost her memory. He still remembers how he took her to the Okobore Ward and presented her with oshiruko despite being so poor. Tama is sad to hear her and breaks down in tears. He tells Big Mom that the Okobore Ward no longer exists because of Kaidou’s subordinates. They thought that the people there were helping the samurai and burned the whole place. This angers the giant very much, who mentions that the pirates have a code of honor that the leader of the beast pirates has not respected, so when he sees Ulti arrive, he stops her with a strong blow using his King’s Haki.

One Manga 1.011- Big Mom enfurece y ataca a Page One. Foto: Weekly Shonen Jump

One Manga 1.011. Photo: Weekly Shonen Jump


One Piece is a manga and anime created by the famous mangaka Eiichiro Oda , who publishes his work in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of Shueisha, since 22 July 1997. In 1999, he received his animated adaptation, which is issued to date with more than 900 chapters. The manga has 1,005 episodes and has published 97 compilation volumes in various publishers for different countries.

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