Undead Unluck Chapter 82 Release Date and Spoilers

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The final battle for the quest reward continues in Undead Unluck. But there was a twist in the last chapter; a part of the reward was already in the hands of Billy? Now, this makes things more difficult and the fight between Andy and Billy more brutal. However, there’s a chance that The Union might get their hands on the artifact. 

There’s too much to speculate and the next chapter will only unravel more. So, what are the release details and spoilers for Undead Unluck Chapter 82? Well, read on and take a look for yourself.

Undead Unluck Chapter 82 Release Date:

According to Shonen Jump, Undead Unluck Chapter 82 will be available on October 10, 2021. There’s no information regarding any delay as of now.

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Undead Unluck Chapter 81 Recap:

While Fuuko is trying to approach Spring, Andy attempts to stop Billy. Andy eyestabs his opponent and forces him down to the ground to fight 1v1. Billy agrees to fight with The Undead and thus uses Unbalance to crush him under the buildings.

billy uses unbalance undead unluck

But it turns out that the buildings were just a bluff and Billy intended to use Spring’s flower petals. So, Andy cuts off his hands to coat the petals with his blood so that they won’t touch him directly. Then out of nowhere, Billy comes and stabs the eyes of Andy; an eye for an eye.

To counter Billy’s Unstoppable and eyestab, Andy uses Deathblade Claymore. He cuts off his opponent’s hands while also contemplating a bit about all the abilities Billy has. In total, he had six abilities at this moment. However, Andy wasn’t able to get what Billy’s floating ability was.


Billy’s eyes weren’t completely healed and so Andy took his chance to use one of his most brutal and deadly moves – Great Deep Crimson Crescent Moon. It divided the ground in half and crushed the buildings. Andy was pretty sure that his opponent would be lying somewhere as he was in the range of his attack.

But Billy was able to dodge the attack and used Unmove (one of the quest rewards) on Andy. Unmove was the only ability that was able to catch The Undead 50 years ago. And the one who caught him was Gina, the ex-negator of Unchange.

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It’s not over though, I mean we are talking about a man who ripped his body in half to counter Unchange. Yes, Undead latches away from the entanglement of Billy and is now more than eager to take on Billy.


What can you expect from Undead Unluck Chapter 82?

The barbaric and ferocious fight between Andy and Billy will continue in the next chapter too. And, we might get a glimpse of how Fuuko is doing in the midst of all this ruthlessness. Maybe, she’ll get to Spring in time and we may get to see a bit of their fight too. 

Undead Unluck: andy rips off his body undead unluck

It’s utter chaos at this point and chaos is what makes Undead Unluck so interesting and mesmerizing. Let’s wait for the next chapter to see whether things turn out in the favor of The Union or The Under.

Where can you read it?

The latest chapters of Undead Unluck are available on Shueisha’s Manga Plus and Viz, that too for free.


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