Politest Anime Characters With The Best Manners

Here is everything you need to know about the politest anime characters with the best manners.

Tohru Honda: Fruits BasketTohru Honda Is Famously Polite Girl: Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket features a variety of obnoxious or rude characters. This shojo tale also has soft-spoken, polite characters who act as foils, such as Kisa Sohma and, most of all, Tohru Honda.

Tohru learned from her parents to be a forgiving, compassionate, patient, and polite person who puts the needs of others first. She never fails to use “san” when addressing people, learning from her mother that her late father, Katsuya, often did that. She might even say “Kisa-chan-san” to be super polite.

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Yuu Izumi: Shikimori’s Not Just A CutieYuu Izumi Treats Everyone With Gentle Respect: Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie has a small, forgettable cast of characters, but at least they’re also likable. Slice-of-life anime fans were impressed with Shikimori’s friendly, energetic personality and her many skills, and her dandere boyfriend, Yuu Izumi, was a nice person, too.

Yuu may be generic, but he’s also a polite, well-mannered boy who treats everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity. That makes it easy for other people to trust him, even if Yuu also makes a fool of himself with his extreme clumsiness. Yuu’s politeness is one of Shikimori’s favorite things about him.

Yor Forger: Spy x FamilyYor Forger Keeps Everyone Happy With Her Social Skills: Spy x Family

Yor Briar, now Yor Forger, is the loving wife and mother of the Forger household in Berlint. She is by far Spy x Family’s most popular character thanks to her good looks, exciting assassin skills, and of course, her good manners and charming clumsiness.

Yor may have some dandere elements to her, but she is also a sociable person who likes to keep the peace. Yor can’t stand arguments or fighting, so she uses her good manners and natural charms to calm everyone down and help them learn to get along.

Sister Iris: Fire ForceSister Iris Is A Dignified Young Nun: Fire Force

Once in a while in Fire Force, the petite nun Iris might make fun of Maki Oze the romantic, or even Shinra. That’s the exception, though, since Iris is an overwhelmingly positive person with dandere and deredere traits.

Iris is a self-deprecating person who takes her duty to the Sol church seriously and wishes to make others happy, too. Iris is soft-spoken, cooperative, and polite as a battlefield nun, and she would feel terrible if she made anyone cry because of accidental rudeness or a mean-spirited remark.

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Mr. Yoshimura: Tokyo GhoulMr. Yoshimura Welcomes All Guests Into Anteiku: Tokyo Ghoul

Most characters in Tokyo Ghoul are either falsely polite to fool people, such as the well-dressed glutton Rize Kamishiro, and others are total thugs, like Yamori and Shu Tsukiyama. An exception is the genuinely polite Mr. Yoshimura, an elderly ghoul man who runs the Anteiku cafe.

Mr. Yoshimura warmly and politely welcomes every patron who visits Anteiku, and he’s even polite when he speaks to his Aogiri Tree enemies. In a way, that makes Mr. Yoshimura even scarier since his polite facade hides unspeakable rage when thuggish ghouls are bullying or hurting people in front of him.

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