Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60(Qin Shi’s backstory!): Spoilers, Release Date and Other Details


Qin Shi’s eye is hurt after he attacked Hades. Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60 takes us on a bittersweet journey of his childhood. How did Qin Shi become the Emperor of all China? How did he overcome his troubled beginnings to ascend the throne? Will we know why he also sustains injuries when he attacks his enemies?

Read this article to find everything about Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60. 

About Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is a manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui & illustrated by Ajichika. At the beginning of the story, gods call a convention to decide whether to let humanity live or die. The final decision is to end humanity.

But a valkyrie intervenes and proposes that the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as the last hope for humanity’s continued survival. 13 gods will take on 13 human champions in one-on-one battles in a grand arena to decide the fate of humanity.


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Recap of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 59

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 59 gives us Qin Shi’s backstory. Qin Shi was the illegitimate child of a Zhao dancer and a Qin prince. Qin Shi’s parents abandon him and he is held hostage by the Zhaos. He grows up to be an awkward child who is always grinning. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60

Then he meets his new caretaker and bodyguard Chun Yaan. They clean up his room and start going to markets together. One day, a lot of people scorn him because he belonged to a family which had killed thousands in the war. Qin Shi bows and apologises. 


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60

Chun Yaan discovers scars on his body that came up because of mirror-touch synesthesia. Whenever he felt guilty about the people his family had killed or met survivors, scars would automatically appear on his body. 

Chun Yaan lashes out at him for holding his anger inside and accepting with a grin every undeserved rebuke directed at him. She tells him that the massacre of 450,000 people at Chang Ping by his family was not his fault. She gives him a scarf to wrap around his eyes so that he would not have to see the disdain on people’s faces. 

Then the Qin King dies and Zichu ascends the throne. Qin Shi becomes the crown prince and his exile is over. On his way back to Qin, he is attacked by people who want to take revenge for Chang Ping. Chun Yaan sacrifices herself for his protection. Her last words to Qin Shi are that he should become the greatest king ever. He reaches Qin Shi safely. 


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60

Two years later when Zichu dies, he is proclaimed the new king. And twenty-five years later, he becomes the first Emperor of unified China. The narrative switches back to Hades and Qin Shi fighting. Hades now knows that Qin Shi can feel the pain of others also. 

Spoilers for Record of Ragnarok Chapter 60

The battle between Qin Shi and Hades will intensify now. Hades knows Qin Shi’s weakness and will exploit it to try and win the fight. But Qin Shi’s promise to Chun Yaan will drive him forward and he won’t stop at anything to avoid loss. 

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Release Date of Record of Ragnarok

The English translations of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 59 might be released by the second week of March 2022. 

Where to Read Record of Ragnarok?

Since it has no licensed digital or paperback release yet, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Record of Ragnarok website.

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