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Here Is The Actor Who Replaced Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark


Episode 3 of What If…? was undoubtedly a petrifying experience. Five out of eight Anvergers died in the most unexpected way. We indeed lost our “Mightest heroes” by the end of the episode. The upside-down sequential events made Loki the ruler of Earth.

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We know in Episode 2, Chadwick Boseman had lent his voice for the last time as T’Challa aka The Starlord. Most of the other characters have the Marvel Cinematic Universe star cast as voiceovers for the animated characters. Even Episode 3 had Robert Downey Jr. voicing over as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Was it or not?

Tony Stark loves donuts by TakeOFFFLy on deviantART | Iron man fan art, Iron man wallpaper, Iron man hd wallpaper
Iron Man in What If…? Episode 3 (Courtesy- Disney+)

Surprise, Surprise!! IT WAS NOT RDJ. The baton of voice eloquence was given to none other than the Veteran voice actor Mick Wingert. He has been in the industry for a pretty long time span. Popularly known for his role as the voice of Master Po and Zeng in Kung Fu Panda, he also has his footing in Japanese Animes.  Questioning his talent would be an understatement.

Mick Wingert, Visioncon LIVE: Episode 54 - YouTube
Mike Wingert

Robert Downey Jr. recently unfollowed all his MCU co-stars on Instagram. Rumors say he might bid adieu to MCU after the endgame. But we know how Marvel loves paparazzi to promote their films. This might be nothing more than just a PR stunt.

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The fourth episode of the series is scheduled to release next Wednesday, September 1 at 12:30 pm ISD at Disney+ Hotstar.

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