Solo Leveling Chapter 169: Release Date and Expectations!

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel that was first released in 2016. Since then, it has been giving us new instalments with intense storylines about superhumans and demons. As the story progresses, the protagonist is now a complete shadow monarch.

Another thrilling instalment was recently delivered and readers are now filled with anticipation for its next release. If you can’t wait to find out what the creator has in store for the upcoming plot, then head down to devour some potential spoilers

We have gathered here everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 169 release date, recap and what to expect.

Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Release Date

Chapter 169 of Solo Leveling is all set to release on Wednesday, 29th September 2021. While in Korea it will be released one day after i.e the 30th of September. 

The good news is that there is no announcement of its delay. So let’s hope the scheduled date doesn’t get pushed further. Any changes will be updated on our website.


Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Recap

  • The previous chapter began with the fight between Bellion and Beru in which Bellion emerges victorious.
  • Sung Jin-woo then announces that Bellion would be on his right, Beru on his left and Igris behind him.
  • After they defeat the entire shadow army, Bellion and Sung Jin-Woo engage in a chat which reveals that Bellion was born of the fruit of the World Tree.
  • After that, a new scene follows where we witness the Sung family having their meals, in which Jin-ho’s father promises to look after the Sung family if anything were to happen to Sung Jin Woo. 
  • We also saw Sung Jin-Woo meeting the president of the Korean Hunters Association, where he explained to him the groundwork situation.
  • The chapter ended with Jin Woo asking the President to hold a meeting with all the world leaders to show them the impending doom that’s approaching.


Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Spoilers

Based on how the chapter left off, we can make some safe predictions here:

  • Sung Jin-Woo might meet the world leaders and explain to them the looming danger that’s going to fall upon them.
  • There are also fan theories about how the people might not believe him.
  • How will Jin Woo deal with the disastrous situation and convince others? This is a doubt which will be cleared in the upcoming chapter.

Where to read Solo Leveling?

You can read it online on legal sites like TappyToon, Tapas Media or Kakao Page.


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